International Farmers Market

I love the sight of this…

And even though I am not an eggplant person, I love the vibrant colors of them…

It is especially fun when the aisles are filled with products in languages I can’t read…

I tend to spend quite some time in aisles that contains international candies. These are from Eastern Europe…

And then I spend the rest of my time in the snack aisles from Asia. Brings back early childhood memories…

And only stores like these have woks big enough to cook my child. Not that I would. But if I wanted to, they have what I would need. Just saying…

Of course I came home with some goodies. I couldn’t resist. I might share some of these…

I didn’t forget the healthy stuff. Although that papaya will be used for papaya milkshakes. So maybe not as healthy as it was intended to be. Next to the papaya is a taro. I will be cooking that with coconut milk. Oh, divine. And persimmons in front of the papaya. Permissions are my absolute favorite fruit. Yum…

And lastly, a treat for the husband. To thank him for the paycheck that paid for all of my goodies. He was first introduced to Guaraná when he was living in Portugal, not Brazil.

» Tell me… Have you been to an international farmers market before? What are your favorite international snacks, treats or food?

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  • Kelly Irene

    I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am at the international markets! I like it all: the chocolates, the spices, the produce…it’s hard not to spend way too much money!
    I love the eggplants in your picture; I rarely see any other than the dark purple ones!

    • Tiffany

      i’m usually not an egg plant person, but i love the colors.

    • Tiffany

      emily, we need to go together sometime. you will be in love with that place!

  • Kelly

    I’m waaay behind on all of your posts! What a fun one to help start catching up 🙂 Guarana is a family favourite in our house. And, of course there’s Cadbury chocolate. My dad is coming to visit next week and I’m hoping he’ll stock me up!

  • YourFriendCourtney

    OHHHHHHH POCKY STICKS!!! HOW I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Always an open invitation to my house to share some of those yummy yummy things with me =)

    I would shop at an IFM everyday if there was one close to me. That would be a bad thing though since that store is so expensive, but its oh so awesome! I do a little happy dance in my head just thinking about fresh markets!

  • Nikki

    I’ve been to the World Market Store, but they don’t have produce. That place looks really cool. I love pocky sticks and hello pandas. They totally remind me of being a little girl. The shrimp chips remind me of recess in grade school. Stinky, haha

  • Robin

    Oh, I miss so many goodies from my time in Wales & England. Mint Aeros and Crunchie bars are the best!! And HobNobs (cookies). And Strawberry Ribena (drink). I could go on…

  • Jen

    Oh please let me know the next time you go! I, too, would love to explore this place and try some new foods! How fun!!

  • Sarah Lee

    I love international markets! I bought my first set of chop sticks there as a teenager. And a must-have treat for every visit – pocky sticks! The strawberry kind are my favorite. Oh, and rice candy too.


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