Printable Simple Potty Training Chart

In the midst of potty training Kaye, I looked for a simple potty chart to record her progress. Couldn’t find a decent one. There were the fancy or elaborate charts that you could purchase. But even those looked ugly. Then there were other charts that had tons of boxes and information to fill out.

All I wanted was a chart with days of the week on it. And a place where Kaye could put a happy face sticker when she went potty. Perhaps a box to put sad face sticker if she had an accident. This way, she could see her own progress and maybe motivate her to put more stickers in the happy box rather than the sad.

It came down to me making my own chart. I couldn’t find a chart that was simple and easy for a 2- or 3-year-old to read. And now I’m sharing the chart with you. I know, I’m so nice. So click, download and print your own Simple Potty Training Chart.

The stickers are not included. You will have to find your own happy and sad face stickers. Or you can draw the faces on there. Please do not duplicate or sell the chart. This is for personal use only and not for commercial use.

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