Project 52: Deleting Pictures

If you have been following along with Project 52: Date Nights, you well know and probably have experienced those times where obstacles occur preventing date night. This week our obstacle was a bee. Nathan was walking around outside barefooted and stepped on a bee. Ouch. The first couple days it was painful and uncomfortable. Then on the third day, it was swollen and uncomfortable. The third day being date night. Being so uncomfortable with the swollen foot, Nathan took a Benadryl. He hadn’t taken Benadryl in at least 10 years. He didn’t realized it would knock him out. Lesson #1: Unexpected things will occur. When it does, reschedule.

With a busy weekend, we rescheduled the date on a Sunday afternoon during the girls nap time. While the children slept, we sat in front of my computer going through our photos. With over 25,000 photos on our computer, we didn’t get through much of it. I mainly wanted to go through our photos to delete all the unnecessary ones – blurry, bad quality, duplicates, eyes closed, pictures of people we didn’t know or care to keep. But it was also fun to go through our old photos seeing those happy days when we were dating. First thing I noticed… We used to be so skinny! Dang. Maybe we need to start working out. Lesson #2: Nostalgia can bring about a great date.

Nathan said: Looking at old pictures also made me realize how bad our photography skills were. I’m not much better now but Tiffany is much better. At least we’ve gained a couple of things, other than pounds, these last 6+ years.

» Tell me… Do you like to go through your old photos? How long did you date your spouse before you were engaged?

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4 Responses to “Project 52: Deleting Pictures”

  • Secret Mom Thoughts

    I love looking through old photos. I so need to delete the bad ones too. I dated for 6 years before we married. Most of our dating photos have not been scanned yet and there was no digital cameras yet.

  • Lorinda

    pictures!! ai yai yai. I thought it was overwhelming that i have over 10,000 photos from film days. Now there are 100s of thousands on CD or memory cards or on my hard-drive or lost somewhere in cyberspace. I’m not sure exactly what the purpose is. I am so busy taking pictures that I don’t have time to enjoy the pix I’ve taken… And I’m not sure why I am so obsessed with recording a life I don’t have time to live once, let alone relive. hmmm.

  • ghislaine

    I dated my husband 7 years before we got married. Been married for 7 years now… We also have a lot of ups and down with weight gain. We were thinnest right before we had kids. And then when the kids came, things just slip… whoops!

  • Alexis

    I LOVE going through old pictures. One of my favorite things when I get together with girlfriends is looking through old albums. My husband and I try to go through our wedding album every year on our anniversary. Although, we too aren’t as skinny as we used to be:) But I have 2 beautiful kids to make up for it. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and were together 8 years before we got engatged.


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