Project 52: Guess & Tell

Did you have a fun Independence Day weekend (for those living in the U.S.)? We sure did. It was such a busy weekend that the only time we had to do a date was Sunday afternoon. I had this one planned because I was making a printable for you as a date idea. But that’s OK because we spent the weekend together as a family. It’s nice to have family time. Lesson #1: Family time also means you’re getting time with your husband.

I made this game called Guess and Tell. It is a list of questions for you to fill out. Then you try to guess each other’s answers. Pretty simple. But Nathan and I ended up learning a great deal about each other, some stuff we thought we all ready knew about each other. It was fun and it reminded us of how we got together. It was almost serendipity. Lesson #2: Even when you think you know everything about the other person, you still have more to learn.

If you want to play the game. Or if you don’t have anything planned for date night and need something last minute, you can download this game Guess and Tell. Also, here are a few other printable date night games- Would You Rather and First Words Game.

Nathan said: I was enjoying a wonderful Sunday nap right before this date. It took me a couple minutes to wake up. We had some Luigi’s Italian Ice (a dessert we had when we first met) and reminisced about some funny things that have happened to us. Well worth waking up for.

» Tell me… How did you meet your husband? Was it serendipity?

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  • Tom and Debi Walter - The Romantic Vineyard

    Tiffany, I’ve posted a link this week that isn’t the typical date night we did. Instead it’s a challenge for all the wives to plan a really special date using The Dating Divas blog for ideas and then, submit it to us. The first week in August we’re going to post the five best dates submitted. I thought your readers might like the Summer Challenge. Let me know if this is something you would rather not include on your site. Thanks!

  • Glenyce

    It’s amazing to find out that we don’t know all the stories!
    I met Tim at our church, but we were actually next door neighbours. Yep, married the boy next door. Our family moved in next door to his. I started going out with a mutual group of friends and I got a ride with Tim because I didn’t have my license. After a while, we weren’t as worried if the others were going out or not. Our parents still live next door to each other. Which is good and bad all at the same time 🙂

    • Tiffany

      oh wow! your parents still live next door to each other?! they must be best friends. are they?

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