Project 52: Homemade Ice Cream

This was a last minute idea. So luckily, I had to run some errands Friday. I was able to stop at the grocery store to pick up a couple of the ice cream ingredients that I didn’t have at home. I used this homemade ice cream recipe that was over-the-top delicious. I haven’t made homemade ice cream since 9th grade. I remembered it being fun and delicious. Lesson #1: Date night ideas can come from childhood memories.

We worked together to mix up the ingredients. Then talked as we shook. We tried to watch some TV while we shook the mixture, but that didn’t work since the ice made too much noise. So we talked some more. We have both been busy and it was a nice time catching up with each others lives. Then we ate the ice cream that was the perfect treat. Lesson #2: Simple and delicious. The perfect date night.

Nathan said: It seems that a lot of our date nights end up reminding us of our childhoods and this date was one of them. It was fun to make our own dessert for the night and we each had our own strategy for shaking the ice cream. I’m pretty sure mine was the best. I also added nectarines to it which made it delicious.

» Tell me… What is your favorite homemade ice cream flavor?

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5 Responses to “Project 52: Homemade Ice Cream”

  • Shauna

    I have yet to make homemade ice cream, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pick a favourite. I’ve made a delicious frozen ice-cream-ish dessert from puréed berries, splenda, and whipped cream. You just can’t freeze it all the way, as it hardens up. But maybe if I had stirred it a few times in between.. That’s worth trying next time.

  • MamaTina

    I always loved peach ice cream when I was growing up. People would make vanilla and then toss in some perfectly ripe peaches. We would take turns with the churn until it was ready. I might just have to toss our ice cream bowl in the freezer for a tasty treat this week!

  • Glenyce

    Yum. Making food is a fun date I think.
    We are still following but haven’t had dates over the last month because we are fighting winter coughs and colds… Hopefully, we are getting on the mend and will be back with you soon.


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