Project 52: Scrabble

Friday was a fun-filled family day for us. Nathan had relatives visiting from the West. We love having people visit us. Nathan took the day off so we spend the day out in the park with our family… for 8 hours in the humidity and sunshine. But we had a great time and the girls were wonderful. Lesson #1: 8 hours of outside fun + 4 family visitors + 2 tired children + 2 extremely tired parents =  1 low-key date night.

By the time we got home, we ate dinner, cleaned everyone off, bathed away the sweat that covered our bodies and it was 10 p.m. when we got to date night. Little late than never, right? No interruption from the girls because they both passed out on their pillows. They were so tired from being outside all day with no naps. Lesson #2: Skipping children’s naps can have its benefits, no interruptions during date night.

Nathan and I played Scrabble the previous weekend with my aunt and uncle. I came in second place and beat Nathan. So I thought it would be fun to beat him again. Well, it was a close game. I would have beaten Nathan if I didn’t get stuck with the Q at the end that took off 10 points from me and added to his score. Lesson #3: Turntable Scrabble is totally worth the extra few dollars.

Nathan said: Wahoo! I won! Yeah! Yeah! I really need to celebrate because I rarely win board games with Tiffany playing. This one was super close and I barely pulled it off. The only reason I agreed to play Scrabble was because I knew she was tired. It gave me the edge to win. Lesson #4: Play games with your spouse when they are tired so you can win.

» Tell me… Are you a good Scrabble player? What is your tricks for Scrabble? Memorize the 2-letter words?

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7 Responses to “Project 52: Scrabble”

  • Angee

    Hubby has been begging me to play scrabble with him (I hate scrabble). Maybe I’ll surprise him next month with a scrabble date.

  • Cecilia

    LOL! I love playing Scrabble, as well, but my husband will not play with me because I’m a better speller 😉 But as long as I agree to play Monopoly with him (the game I play when I want to get my booty kicked) occasionally, he will play Scrabble with me 🙂

  • MamaTina

    Scrabble is one of the games that I am no good at. Even though I love to write, I’m really bad at coming up with random words.

  • Tom and Debi Walter - The Romantic Vineyard

    I love Scrabble, but Tom won’t play with me! Have you heard of Speed Scrabble? It’s so much fun when you’re wanting to play but don’t have a lot of time. Here’s a link to read the rules :
    The only thing we do differently is you don’t have to form one word to start off – you can make a 3 letter and 4 letter word that’s connected. And we say “Pick two” instead of one. Give it a try. It’s so much fun!!!

  • cheree

    love, love, love scrabble. my hubby isn’t a huge fan of games, but i play with my folks and grandparents. a little friendly competition is always fun 🙂

  • Shauna

    Oh boy am I ever not a scrabble player. You’d think I’d love it, based on my linguistics background.. but nope, it’s just not for me. Possibly because I’m not really a fan of board games in general.


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