10 Tips for Easing Back to School Anxiety

That’s me in high school. Journalism class. Don’t you remember that first day of school. Even if it was your second year at the same school, there was still anxiety. You were wondering which friends you had in your classes and lunch break. Would you like your teachers? Would the classes be hard? Would you be able to figure out the locker combination? It goes on and on. And now these are the concerns of your children. Here are then 10 tips to help you and your schooler.

  1. Map it out. Show them where their class room will be, the lunch room, the gym and even bathrooms. The more they are familiarize with the school, the more confident they feel about navigating from class to class.
  2. Wear it right. Not all cute outfits are comfortable. They will have enough to worry about on the first day of school, don’t make their clothes another thing to be concerned with.
  3. Be on time. Be a little early if you have to. Being late brings anxiety.
  4. Be there when they return. It’s like Christmas morning. Don’t miss their expressions when you pick them up or as they get off the bus. It will tell you how their day went. Ask questions and just listen.
  5. Eat the good stuff. Pack a healthy lunch. Start their day with a healthy breakfast that will last them until lunch. Load up on bananas, oatmeal, low sugar cereals, milk, 100 percent fruit juice and granola.
  6. Leave a note. Wish them a good day. Hide it in their school folder or lunch box. Bring a smile to their face.
  7. Set up a system. Have a system going at home. Have a place for papers that mom needs to see or sign. Make a homework station. Start a reward system if needed. Children crave system and routine because it is predicable and they know what is expected of them.
  8. Share a treat. Have a little treat to celebrate their first day. It can be their favorite candy bar or a new pair of funky socks.
  9. Listen to their concerns. Ask them what they are concerned about. Listen to their worries. Sometimes they don’t need advice or you to fix things. Sometimes they just need to vent and have someone listen to their thoughts.
  10. Meet and greet. Schools usually have an open house where you child can walk around the school, meet the teacher and school administrators and pick up a school supply list. Make an effort to attend it. The more you know and the more they know, the more comfortable it will be on everyone.

» Tell me… How do you simmer your anxiety with your little one going to school? How do you help your child be a little less nervous about school?

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  • Tracy

    This is a fabulous list and reminder of how to help our children be prepared. I will definitely be following the comments here as I venture into the world of sending my oldest to kindy this year!


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