Beach Break

We packed our bags and headed south. As I mentioned earlier this week, last weekend we went on a quick little getaway to the beach. Oh how I miss the beach. How I miss living literally across the street from the beach. How I miss the salty breeze. How I miss feeling sand between my toes. It was a much needed getaway and we loved every moment of it.

First of all, we were visiting some of our best friends from college. They are a military family and are always on the move as many military families are. This was the only weekend they had available before they move to New York to be stationed there prior to deployment. They are incredible people. The things and lifestyle they sacrifice to defend and serve our country. Nothing short of amazing.

The kids were wonderful and played along so well. We had access to a private beach which meant less of a crowd. The water was warm. And castles were built.

Kaye said she swam like a mermaid. And just like Ariel, she preferred to stay on land. Although she was mustered enough courage to walk in the ocean going against the waves.

This was our little Elle’s first beach experience. Elle is our water child. She will dump her drinks to create puddles in the house. She had the best time jumping into the ocean, standing on boogie boards and chasing after seagulls.

Nathan was just glad to take a break from school. And I was glad to get out of the house. I love being with family and friends. So it was the perfect weekend getaway for us.

» Tell me… Are you a beach person? When was your last beach vacation? Do your children like the beach too?

7 Responses to “Beach Break”

  • Nicole Robinson

    Although I tend to have a great fear of deep water, I love the beach and the ocean (when the waves are not too huge)! The sea air is so good for my husband, and my son LOVES the ocean. The one time we took him we had to drag him away at the end of the day. 🙂

  • Pam

    I am a sand girl…not so much an ocean girl! I agree with Rachel–wow, what a beach!

  • Shanan Wasden

    I love the beach!! we dont get to go very often, but its fun when we do! that specific beach looks so perfect!


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