Framed Fabric Silhouettes Tutorial

Rather than remodeling or rearranging the furniture in our house, I am redoing the wall decorations on our walls. Change things up a bit. I would really like to paint and repaint our walls, but I promised myself I won’t do it until Nathan is through with school. He is in his last semester. So come fall, we will be dripping paint everywhere.

I started my wall decorations with this easy project of making silhouettes of all of us and framing it using fabric as the background. Cheap and easy fix to a plain wall. You will have to excuse the glare in the pictures. The frames are located at a super glare wall of our house. And I’m too cheap to go non-glare on the glass and just used the glass that came with the frames. Remember, if you made something inspired by Simply Modern Mom, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom.

I used 11 x 14 inch frames because I wanted these to be big. Hence the thick frames too. I love chunky frames. Of course, when you make yours, you can adjust according to size. My secret to these silhouette frames is…


  • 11 x 14 inch frames
  • profile photos of each person
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • white color pencil
  • black cardstock
  • quarter fabric or scraps that are at least 14 x 17 inches
  • 11 x 14 inch canvas panels
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush
  • glue gun

1. Take profile pictures of each person. Then print them out to the size you want them to be in the frames. I used my printer at home to print the profiles onto 8 1/2 x 11 inch printer paper and enlarged the photos to fit the paper.

2. Using the black marker, trace the profile of the images. You can blacken the face to get a better idea of the outline of the head.

3. Cut out the profiles.

4.  Using the white color pencil, trace the cut out profiles onto black cardstock. Make sure you trace in the opposite direct you want your profiles to go in the frame.

5. Cut out the cardstock. The side you traced with white color pencil as the back and the profiles should be pointing in the right direction.

6. If you are doing 11 x 14 inch frames like me, then you cut your fabric to 14 x 17 inches. If not, then adjust according to size.

7. With the fabric wrong side up, place the canvas panel in the middle of the fabric. You should have a 1 1/2-inch excess all the way around.

8. Use the glue gun to glue the excess fabric in place to the back of the panel. I did two opposite sides first. Then fold the corners and glue in place. And finally glue the other two sides.

9. Now use Mod Podge to attach the silhouettes to the fabric canvas. Use a brayer to flatten the paper from center out to prevent bubbles. Or I just used my hands then set books and magazines on top to help it flatten as it dries. Then I Mod Podged the paper silhouettes so finish off. Careful not to get it on the fabric. Allow to completely dry before placing in frames. And done!

» Tell me… Have you made silhouettes before? What was it for?

29 Responses to “Framed Fabric Silhouettes Tutorial”

  • Kati

    Cute. I wonder how they would look if you flipped the colors though… Cut the silhouettes from the fabric and posted on black paper….. 🙂

  • Nikki

    Oh, I love these. I’ve been wanting to do some, but now you have really inspired me to just do it!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

    • Tiffany

      wow, amy. you know your joann! those were from joann. 🙂

  • Deborah

    These are completely DARLING. Am still kicking myself for missing out on having Nie Nie do some for our family last Christmas–maybe this is my way to get back in the game!

  • Mary

    Loved this, Tiffany! I probably won’t do anything until we move to the new house, but these are on my mental to do list. 🙂

  • Stacie

    LOVE them! I’ve seen a tutorial in the past but never got around to it. Definitely will be making these of my kids when we move next month into our new house!

  • merri

    some time ago, i did these with black paper, as you described, and then later got to thinking…why couldn’t you print the silhouette in black onto a matte transparency sheet, and then put the transparency, printed side down, atop your fabric or scrapbook paper? voila…printed silhouette and built-in matte frame “glass”.

  • Cecilia

    I have been wanting to do something like this! This just might be the year! 🙂

  • Tracy Egan

    A real silhouette by a true silhouette artist, would be much better, you could use their art, and just enlarge it. Silhouettes by Cindi Harwood Rose, Kathryn Flocken, or K. Housel Bogue would be much better, they can be looked up on the internet. The real art of silhouettes by a master artist can be used and purchased on the internet.

  • Crystal & Co

    Stopping by from Tip Junkie.

    I have wanted to make silhouettes of my children for a very long time! Now I can!!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  • Sophia

    That’s so cool. I have all kinds of pictures around my house except silhouettes! Now I know how to make them. Thank you! I’ve done lots of cool craft projects as well. If you want to swap craft ideas, stop by at and feel free to promote awesome projects on your blog!

  • Shellie

    I’m completely new at doing any sort of craft. Why do you modge podge the front of the silhouette? Isn’t that a glue? Does it create a finish?

    • Tiffany

      modge podge is a type of glue and it’s also used as a sealant and decoupage. it’s one of those things that works for everything. 🙂

  • Michelle

    I just finished this project (and posted a pic on your Flickr site) — and I am thrilled with the way it turned out! I used scrapbook paper instead of fabric, but other than that I followed the instructions. Thank you for such an easy but brilliant idea!

  • Helena

    I made simpler silhouette version, about me and my dream. I’ll post in your flickr soon. Thanks, I like DIY stuff.


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