Ice Cream Party!

Last week, this little girl turned 4. Really? I have a 4-year-old? That can’t be true. I set out to make her day special. I started planning for a party a couple of months ago. My heart was set on an ice cream theme because it is extremely hot outside. What a fun way to cool off.

On the day of her birthday, I took her out for a quick photo shoot. Quick as in she lost interest after 15 minutes. I tell you. The older they get, the harder it is to get candid shots of them. But Kaye gave me a few good ones.

Later that afternoon, we took her to the movie theaters to watch Toy Story 3. I thought my kids wouldn’t sit through the movie without getting scared, but they both did wonderfully. We all loved the movie. So cute. And since it’s an older movie, we almost had the entire theater to ourselves. Only two other people in the room.

We partied later in the week with a few of her friends. I only invited six families, Kaye’s favorite friends. We still ended up with 24 people at the party, 15 of them aged 5 and under. Kaye had so much fun with all her friends. An hour into the party Kaye exclaimed, “Now this is how we celebrate!”

Going with the ice cream theme, I had a little craft where the children made animal puppets on popsicle sticks. Then we served lunch. Took a quick escape to the backyard to hit an ice cream piñata.

Came back in to open gifts. And ended the party by singing “Happy Birthday,” eating ice cream cone cakes and attacking an ice cream bar. The kids had the best time getting sugared up before heading home.

And I sent everyone home with astronaut ice cream as the take home gift.

I will be posting tutorials and party details this week and next. By the end of all my party tutorials, you will be able to host your own ice cream party. Even though it was a party for my 4-year-old, the party wasn’t all childish. In fact, I kept everything and saving it for next summer. I am thinking of making it a tradition. An ice cream party every summer.

This was the after party…

» Tell me… How do you throw birthday parties for your children? Do you go all out or try to keep it low key?

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  • Kelly

    We go all out! I love planning my boys birthdays so much that my sisters and even a few friends let me plan their kids’ parties too! I love planning any kind of party really and love these cute decorations you used! I’m bookmarking this page for sure!

  • Nani

    wow you really did a good job! I love it! Also I know how you feel about the pictures. My Daughter is only 1 and yet she doesn’t let me get half as many pictures I used to.

  • Rachel

    We just celebrated my son’s 4th birthday (in Australia). We too went to see Toy Story 3 at the movies. And we were also the only ones in the cinema! I enjoy making parties for my son a special memory for him. Growing up “the cake” was always a hot topic of discussion in the lead up to a party. This year my Mum and I made master 4 a ferry boat (at his request). My brother-in-law’s comment when he saw it was “You’ve set a dangerous precedent with that”. Some may think I do too much but I enjoy preparing for the parties almost as much as seeing his smiling face on the day. And that makes it all worth it 🙂

  • Ammie

    We keep it low key and if there is even a party, it is usually only a few friends and they are the “best buddies.” I love the ice cream party theme. My 3 year old will turn 4 in Nov and I may have to use some of these ideas! Thank you!

  • Nikki

    Big Parties are the BEST! I love your ice cream cone garland. I want it bad! I agree that this kind of party is classic and can go for any age. I just threw an ice cream party for my husband’s 33rd birthday. Every one loves sugar and parties, right?

  • Carolina Moore

    So cute! I love that you can save lots of it to re-use next year.
    We went all-out for LM’s party last year (he turned 1). This year we’re only inviting a couple friends, and going on a train ride… so the only things I’ll be able to go “all out” on are the invitations and the goodie bags. : )

  • Line

    What an adorable set up! And a fun theme for summer! I’ll definitely have to throw an ice cream party sometime using your ideas. 🙂

    • Tiffany

      thanks everyone for your nice comments about the ice cream party! that made my day.

  • stef

    -what what what-
    I love this theme.
    I was leaning towards a strawberry theme for my soon to be 4yo, not anymore.
    As far a bdays go, we tend to go every other. as in friend party one year then just family the next.
    thanks for sharing can’t wait for the tuts

  • darcymae

    what did you use for the ice cream in the ice cream garland? it is TOO cute!

  • Ammie

    Did you make the pinata too? I love it. I think my daughter will definitely have to have an ice cream party in Nov now. Love the ideas!

  • julie

    We are having an ice cream sundae party for my 9 year old. We usually have a max of 5 close friend, that way we get quality over quanity. Love to idea share, and appreciate you sharing yours!


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