Project 52: Visiting Friends

This was a bit of a last minute trip for us. Last Monday night, we were on the phone with our college friends and decided we would make the 5 hour drive to visit them last weekend. Change of plans for the date night I had originally planned. But this was better. Road trip! Lesson #1: When you haven’t traveled in 2 years, any chance to leave the house will not be passed.

We left after work on Friday. Arrived Friday evening. Tried to put the kids down, but they were way to excited to see their friends. This made for a late Wii game night with our friends. Lesson #2: No sleep required on road trips, especially trips with young children.

It was so good to see our friends again. They are in the military and he will be deployed in October. They are moving later this month to New York for training before deployment. This was our last chance to see them before they moved farther away. This weekend Nathan and I got a glimpse into lives of those on active duty in the military. We appreciate all of those serving and your families for all you do! Lesson #3: Best friends are good to keep around.

Nathan said: We rode in an old Suburban to the beach and the trip reminded me of traveling with my family in our old suburban. Lots of great memories of family vacations. It is nice to be making some of our own memories now.

» Tell me… When was the last time you went on a last-minute or unplanned road trip?

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3 Responses to “Project 52: Visiting Friends”

  • MamaTina

    I don’t remember the last spontaneous one, but we take long road trips about once or twice a year. We have one coming up pretty quickly to cape cod to meet up with family for a vacation.
    Our little one never falls asleep when we arrive, regardless of what time we get in.

  • Shanan Wasden

    Thats so much fun! i love going on little trips! we don’t do spontaneous ones much either but we do go to northern utah alot. anyways! we are just starting “Project 52: Date Nights” and I’m so excited!! here is what i posted on my blog about our First one!!
    We just had our first official Date Night on Friday night and we had lots of fun! We played the game “Guess and Tell” that i got off of the Simply Modern Mom’s website, and had Limeade slushies while we did this! The game got us talking a lot and telling stories, we learned some new things about each other and just had a great time laughing & talking with each other!

    Kelly: “It was fun finding out things we thought we knew about each other but really didn’t. I’m thankful Shanan is finding new ways for us to reconnect while living our crazy lives. I’m really glad she found this and I’m excited to have a Date Night every week with her!”


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