End-Of-Summer Rolls Recipe

Ah. Sumer is ending and fall is quickly approaching. The heat has lifted a little here in the South and we are getting cooler weather. My air conditioning hasn’t turned on very often lately. I like it.

Before the summer slips by for the next 9 months, I wanted to make these delicious summer rolls. They are a light meal that I don’t mind over indulging. And super easy to make. I love that it is a lot of fresh vegetables.


  • spring roll wraps (found in Asian grocery stores or international food markets)
  • shrimp
  • bean sprouts
  • spring lettuces
  • peanut sauce (mixture of peanut butter, hosin sauce and a little bit of water for consistency)
  • avocado
  • water

1. Follow package instructions on how to soften the spring roll wraps. I soak mine in water for about a minute in a plate then carefully remove them because they rip easily.

2. Like wrapping a burrito, place all your ingredients on the spring roll wrap and fold over first the bottom, then the two sides and roll.

» Tell me… Have you ever had summer rolls before? Do you like them?

5 Responses to “End-Of-Summer Rolls Recipe”

  • Audrey

    I love, love, love summer rolls! I usually eat them with sweet chili sauce, but I will have to try them with your peanut sauce. I love the versatility of these too…handheld salad with anything that isn’t too poky. Now if only I could convince my girls to eat them 🙂

  • Amy

    We love them but we use rice noodles instead of bean sprouts and cilianto instead of avocado. Also we use the peanut sauce to dip it.

  • Sugar Mama

    I have never had summer rolls… but these look amazing! The peanut sauce and avocado alone had me drooling. Thank you for sharing, I like introducing new recipes to my family.


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