Friday’s 5 at 5: My In-Laws

I married into the best family in the world. And that’s the truth. From the first day I met them, they all were so welcoming and inviting. They accepted me as one of their own. They raised Nathan to be the best husband and father. Here are some things about my in-laws that will make you want to be a part of their family too.

  1. Complete support for each other. No one gets jealous of what the other person is doing or accomplishing in life. If someone is going through a tough time, everyone try to encourage and support in any way possible. This is amazing in a family where there are eight siblings.
  2. They know how to have fun. Whether it’s going out tubing on the lake or hiking a trial or watching the sunrise at a mountain top while eating breakfast or having a whip cream fight, these people know how to create fun memories.
  3. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are the perfect example of eternal love. They are so cute together, even after being married for 31 years.
  4. Everyone pitches in. Everyone helps out with whatever is going on. They often ask, “What can I do to help?” They know how to delegate and work together to make it happen. Even something as simple as dinner. Someone is setting the table, others are helping in the kitchen, another doing the dishes.
  5. They know how to work. The children in the family doesn’t get things handed to them. They all work for the things they have or want. None of them thinks they deserve anything. They all know they must earn it.

» Tell me… How do you get along with your in-laws? What do you love about them?

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  • Lauren

    I really appreciate this post. Too often I focus on what I don’t like about my in-laws and I needed this reminder (especially right now in the midst of a family issue) to cherish the good things they provide for our family. Here are my in-laws’ top qualities:
    Father-in-law – Helpful to a fault. He will pick you up, take you home, haul your furniture, etc., etc., and all you have to do is ask.
    Mother-in-law – Loves her family deeply and shows them often by making fav meals, remembering items you need and picking them up for you, sustaining family traditions …
    Sister-in-law – Strong sense of humor
    Brother-in-law – Easy-going and funny


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