Project 52: 50th Birthday & Disney

We’ve gotten to the point where we enjoy spending time with each other so much that we did more than one date this past weekend. First we had my parents babysit while we attended a friend’s 50th birthday party. It was fun to have a night out and spend some time with our older friends. Nathan and I think it is funny that we have friends our age and then we have friends same ages as our parents. Lesson #1: Friends can never be too old.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend planning a dream vacation. We have been dreaming of going to Disney World for a while now. And it seemed like this is the prime opportunity for us to go. Plus we haven’t been on a family vacation (as in a trip not visiting family or friends) in a long time. So we did some research together. It was fun planning a vacation together. We got excited about the things we will be doing and memories we will create with the children. It’s going to be worth every penny, right? Lesson #2: Vacations are about the memories, not the costs (within reason).

Nathan said: The birthday party was fun even if we were the youngest in the crowd by at least ten years. It was nice to get out of the house and leave the kids behind. Yeah! Oh, and the Disney trip? I’m excited but also still skeptical. Disney is going to have to win me over.

» Tell me… Do you have any tips for me going to Disney with our children? This will be our first time at Disney World.

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13 Responses to “Project 52: 50th Birthday & Disney”

  • Robin

    Disney World is in my neck of the woods! We have annual passes and they are SO awesome. Definitely one of the best perks about living in Central Florida. :0) The best times of year to beat the crowd are September and January/February (the weather is perfect then!). Send me an email with any questions…I know the Disney parks really well!

  • Deb

    Just returned from a trip last week. It was Magical. I’m not sure when you are planning to go – but I do have a few pieces of advice:
    – Stay inside the park, if you can afford it
    – If you have young kids, don’t try to Park Hop. Instead, take a break outside the park for either nap or lunch/snack at a resort to get away from the park atmosphere (both for the kids AND the adults!)
    – If you want to maximize your time, don’t try to do all four parks on your first visit. We just crammed all four parks into 5 days. We would have preferred Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and either Animal Kingdom OR Hollywood Studios. Pick your top two or three.
    – If you go while they’re offering “Free Dining” – take the standard package. Don’t upgrade to Deluxe Dining. It’s a LOT of food!
    It’s amazing to experience something so fun with your kids. Keep the pace low-key so everyone can enjoy it.

  • Lisa {a house full of moxie}

    We actually just got back from Disney…went over the Fall break for the Halloween party they have. It was awesome! We are Disney fools and try to go every year. It’s hubs that is crazy about Disney but we have such a good time as a family. Definitely get in on one of the packages they offer with the free dining…totally worth it!

  • Lisa

    We just went for the first time in March (Spring Break = CROWDS) for my daughter’s 4th b-day (quick tips – splurge on the early breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle – it’s worth it just to be in the park before everyone else and take pictures, and bring snacks/water bottles).

    We had so much fun we took a daytrip back to Magic Kingdom over Labor Day (we were visiting family a few hours away). I love it as much as the kids do.

    There are lots of good sites for info: (best legit ticket prices)

    • Lisa

      ETA: we went back the wednesday after labor day and there were NO LINES anywhere. It was amazing. Longest wait was 10 minutes to meet Mickey and Minnie.

      HIGHLY recommend the off season (ie: when kids are in school).

  • YourFriendCourtney

    Just send Nate over to hang with my family and we will totally change his mind about Disney, Kev was skeptical too………but that changed. He had no choice lol!!!! If you need any advice or recommendations on anything Disney, you know where we live =)

  • Lauren

    Pack ponchos for your trip to Disney. It rains in Florida for only 10-15 at a time on a rather regular basis. You don’t want to have to shell out $40 for Mickey Mouse ponchos once you get there.

  • Syl

    We went last year with a 3 1/2 yr old and an 18 mos old. My best tip is to go slow. Don’t plan on doing everything at every park. Pick a few, enjoy what you do and only do one park a day. We got a five day pass but planned on being in Florida for 7 days so we also broke up our days by taking a beach-break in the middle. And we skipped some parks in order to repeat two of our favorite parks: Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (definitely do the Toy Story ride here… it was a favorite for everyone from the grandparents to the toddler!) Mostly, I’d say leave it slow and unpacked and you will enjoy yourselves!

  • Marian Buttars

    Just a thank you for starting the great project. We started in January with you and have been faithful weekly daters since then. I blogged about it for awhile and loved linking up and seeing the other date ideas. Then life got in the way and I quite blogging about it, but kept on dating. We have only missed a few dates since Jan! Thanks again!


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