Project 52: Dotting the Map

I found this U.S. map a long time ago at Target for $1. Oh how I love Target’s dollar section. I have been wanting to mount the map onto foam board and pin places we have been. So I used it as a date night idea. It was pretty fun. Lesson #1: We love maps. It is so interesting to see where things are located.

We only pinned places where we have been since we have been together. Looking at the map afterwards we realized the places we have been together are pretty saturated at two polar ends of the United States. Then we saw all the places we haven’t been but would like to go together. Lesson #2: A map was a visual way for us to plan future trips.

Nathan said: This was a fun date. We were able to talk about places we’ve been together and places we’d like to go. I’m hoping that Florida and Hawaii are next on the list!

» Tell me… Where have you traveled together? Which one was your most memorable trip?

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7 Responses to “Project 52: Dotting the Map”

  • Lauren

    Our most memorable trip is our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta! We frequently reminisce about the wonderful massages we had overlooking the ocean at our bed and breakfast. Sigh.

  • Jesslyn

    Hubby and I have a map framed and hanging on a wall in our family room. We have one color of pins for where I lived and visited before getting married, another color for the same for him, a third color for where we’ve lived since getting married and a fourth color for vacations and places we’ve visited since getting married. It’s so fun to fill up!

  • MamaTina

    I think our most memorable trips have been to Hawaii and to Scotland. At least, those are the two we tell people about the most often. We have had a hard summer with our Project 52. Maybe this week would be a good time to get things in gear again!

  • Shauna

    Oooh, I’d love to do that date. Travelling is so rewarding. We create such fond memories to round out our lives.
    We’ve traveled around parts of Europe (Belgium, Germany, London, Rome, Nice), China, Mexico.. then little trips around here, and to San Francisco and Seattle. They are all so memorable, but the China one was super packed with places we went and things we saw. It definitely contained the most memories in the shortest amount of time!


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