Friday’s 5 at 5: Halloween Decor Roundup

+image from Sweet Paul

To tell you the truth, I am not decorating for Halloween this year. No, not anti-Halloween. Just we are in the middle of painting and redecorating the interior of our home. I don’t even have our regular house decorations up, so why would I even bother with Halloween decorations? I do hope to have construction completed before Thanksgiving so I can have fall and Christmas decorations up this year.

If you are not like me this year, then here are some scary and some elegant Halloween decorations to make this year. You don’t have much time left since we are all ready halfway through October. Oh, yes. I went there. I just told you how fast October is flashing pass you. Now panic.

  1. White Halloween. Sweet Paul is my new favorite online magazine. And in the new fall issue Paul created a white Halloween that is pretty spooky. Sweet Paul is brilliant. Remember when he shared with us his simple chicken recipe?
  2. Batty felt pillow. Pillows can be seasonal. Here’s the perfect tutorial to turn them batty.
  3. Glittery witch hat. It’s cute on mini pumpkins and even little stuffed animals. I’m thinking of using it as placement cards on the table.
  4. Pumpkin vase. The easiest flower arrangement I have seen. This I can totally do. And to make it Halloween, I was thinking of putting black silk flowers in the vase.
  5. Mummy wrapped drink. I know this is more of a party idea to wrap drinks to look like mummies, but I wouldn’t mind decorating with these around the house. So cute… I mean scary.

» Tell me… What is your favorite Halloween decoration for your home? Do you make your own?

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  • abby jenkins

    I picked up a flock of ravens at the dollar store and have them all over our property. In the trees, on the chandelier, candelabras, in the barn, everywhere…perched on a big bowl of gourds and indian corn; resting on some antlers…. mixing the faux with natural elements makes them look great without looking cheesy.


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