Project 52: Card Games

We had a simple but great date last week. At least for me because I beat Nathan in just about every game we played. We played a few different card games – Blink and Krypto. Blink is a speed game of matching shapes, numbers or colors. And Krypto is an old arithmetic game. I am usually not good with numbers. As in I don’t even remember my multiplications above fives. And Nathan is great at math. But for some reason, I beat Nathan in Krypto every game that night. Lesson #1: I love beating Nathan in games, especially if it’s games math games that are his specialty.

We ended the game with some Dr. Mario on the Wii. He beat me in that. So in the end we were both happy. We have been having fun with Project 52: Date Nights. There are still weeks when we feel like it’s a chore to plan a date and find something we can do from home. But for the most part, we are creating memories together, even if it’s from home. We love spending time together. We find that we actually spend more time together outside of date nights ever since we started doing weekly date nights. We just enjoy being together. Lesson #2: Bring simple dates into complicated lives. It’s all about the time you spend together.

Nathan said: I can’t believe Tiffany beat me in Krypto four times. That’s outrageous! That will not happen again.

» Tell me… What benefits have you seen from doing weekly date nights?

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Project 52 Date Nights

3 Responses to “Project 52: Card Games”

  • Clair

    I just saw your Thanksgiving countdown paper leafs over at m.writes. It is so cute! I still love this idea and I can’t wait to jot down my children’s gratefuls this year.

  • Princess

    We’ve had weekly date nights since the beginning (in ’98), but we weren’t planning them & after the initial excitement wore off, they weren’t much fun (“What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”). For us, planning has made all the difference! My prince was just commenting how nice it’s been that we’re not getting on each other’s nerve & I think the daet nights have a lot to do with that!


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