Project 52: Painting Party & Game Night

This weekend we celebrated with a painting party. We spent 14.5 hours painting 4 rooms downstairs – 1/2 bath, kitchen, living room and playroom. I have been wanting to repaint our house with lighter neutral colors to brighten our rooms. Our house was built facing in the direction where we don’t get any direct sunlight. Great for summers, not so great for winters. I like light. I like sunshine. I want things to be bright and peaceful in our house. So we painted. We painted all night Friday and the entire day Saturday. Lesson #1: Attempting to paint 4 rooms in one weekend is nearly impossible with 2 people and 2 little “helpers” in the house. Call for backup. In our case, it was my brother Jeffrey.

We did take a break on Saturday for a few hour and had dinner at our friends, Greg and Jenny. We played a couple games and had a wonderful time visiting with them. And once again, a major thanks to my brother who babysat while we went out. Nathan and I came home to two sleeping kids and more painting. Majority of the painting was done by 2 a.m. I guess we will be doing touch-ups this weekend. Lesson #2: Ticket to Ride Europe and Carcassonne are two games where Nathan has a chance of beating me.

Nathan said: This was a productive weekend. Along with the painting and a great date on Saturday we had a lot of fun. I also beat Tiffany at Carcassonne. Yeah!

» Tell me… What colors do you like to paint your walls at home? Are you a neutral, warm or cool colors kind of person?

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9 Responses to “Project 52: Painting Party & Game Night”

  • Emily

    Wow! What a project! I also like light and bright but our current house was painted in tans, greens, browns, and reds. We kept the tans and greens (especially since the tan stretches two stories and looks great still) and painted over the browns and reds with blues.

  • Annie

    That was a huge undertaking! I LOVE the natural light, and am always opening the doors, windows and curtains. I also LOVE color, especially yellow and blue, with pops of red. My mom has a crazy eclectic but magazine worthy decorating style, so I grew up with lots of color. Mine is a little more laid back, though. I’m painting the master bedroom a pretty blue that I came up with by mising two different blues and some off-white. I’ll be posting pix on my blog when I’m done, so come by and visit (my blog) next week.

  • Britney

    sounds like a very productive weekend!

    i like bright, fun colors! our kitchen is a robin’s egg blue, our family room is red, our bedroom is apple green, and my craft room is orange and hot pink!

  • cheree

    Good job! I am spending the next several days at my sister and brother-in-laws helping them paint their new house.


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