Project 52: Setting Goals

That is our kitchen. We have been looking at swatches to decide on new paint colors. I’ve hinted here and there about us redoing our house. We will be doing a lot of painting and redecorating. Discussing projects and changes to our home was part of our date night. We also discussed what we wanted to do in our future and set some goals as to how to get there. You’re probably sick of me saying this, but Nathan just finished school and we are moving onto the next part of our lives… No school. It’s a whole new lifestyle we are all adjusting to, even financially. Lesson #1: Finally finishing school is a major change in our lives. We are having to keep reevaluating what we are going to do now.

Then on Saturday, my mom stopped by after her morning runs of yard sales. We took advantage of her presence in our home, a.k.a. free babysitter. Nathan and I made a run to Home Depot where we gathered supplies for our house projects. It was so nice to hold hands walking through the store. Lesson #2: I miss holding hands with my husband. Most of the time when we are out together we have the girls with us. Which means we’re holding their hands.

Nathan said: We tried to find the paper with our goal lists that we made at the beginning of the year but they are MIA. Things are really picking up for our family and it is nice to have some sort of direction and map of where we want to go together –especially when one of the destinations is Disney World.

» Tell me… When was the last time you went shopping just the two of you? Absolutely no kids.

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3 Responses to “Project 52: Setting Goals”

  • cheree

    We don’t have kids, so we get to take advantage of this luxury fairly often. Good luck with your house updates. We spent 4+ years remodeling our last house. It really helped us learn how to make decisions together.

  • amy barlow

    that’s what i want to do with our house. 🙂 good luck! and we’re going to disney world in december. we can’t wait! 😀 let me know if you find any good deals or fun things to do that i might not know about. you’re so good at that. 😉 hope you guys can go soon. 😀


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