Project 52: Christmas Newsletter

I know. I’m crazy. It’s November and I’m already working on our Christmas cards. I love working on our Christmas cards each year. Picking out the cards, deciding which picture to include. The part I don’t like is the newsletter. I feel like it’s a brag letter. Hey, look what we’ve done this year and how great we are doing. And I feel like we write the same thing each year. So and so is growing up so quickly… You know the drill. Lesson #1: It is impossible to have a newsletter that doesn’t sound like a brag letter.

For the past six years that Nathan and I have been married, I have been the one to write our newsletter. This year, I made it a date night event so Nathan can help come up with things to write about. We decided to do a top ten list. We came up with events or things that happened this year and tried to bring humor to it. It’s nice to go back through and see the things we have accomplished this year. Lesson #2: The year is ending too quickly and I still have a few more things to finish before it’s over. AAHHH!

Nathan said: We had a good year. We visited with a lot of family and achieved a lot of long standing goals. Feels good and tiring at the same time. I’m just grateful to have Tiffany by my side.

» Tell me… How do you write your Christmas newsletter? Do you enjoy reading other people’s newsletters?

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6 Responses to “Project 52: Christmas Newsletter”

  • cheree

    We have been married for 8 years and we send out a Christmas letter every year. And every year we include a Top 10 list in our newsletter. We always write it together and laugh a lot. We always get compliments on our Top 10 and one year when we opted to post our Newsletter and Top 10 list online, we got some serious complaints about not MAILING out the letter! That is great that you guys did this together – it is one of our favorite traditions.

  • Gretchen N

    Love the top ten idea! I think I’m going to try to get my husband to do this with me for our date this weekend. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve started working on my cards too. I haven’t done them in the past few years, but I’m trying to be on top of things this year. I have never included anything in the card, and I enjoy reading some people’s letters. I don’t ever know what to do with pictures that are included, because I feel obligated not to just throw them away, but what am I going to do with pictures of someone elses kids?! So I thought this year I’m going to include a recipe.

    • Baye

      Now THAT is something I’d appreciate receiving in a Christmas card. Great idea.

  • Erika

    I’ve never included a newsletter but I love the top 10 idea & think it would be fun to do together. I do enjoy reading the newsletters I get, especially from distant family that we don’t get to see very often.


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