Project 52: Home Videos

We had a nostalgic date night. We watched home videos of our children from when they were little. I don’t remember them being little anymore. It made me sad that they are growing up so quickly. I want to preserve all those precious moments with them. Lesson #1: Any moment with the girls should be valued.

We have taken less videos of the girls since we got rid of our camcorder. We did that when I got my DSLR that came with HD video recording feature. Not a good idea. I can’t take video and photos at the same time. Technically I could, there would be a pause in the video when I am taking a photo. But it’s not the same. You really need someone to do video and someone else on photos. Luckily Nathan and I both have the iPhone 4 with video features. So Nathan does video on his phone while I take photos with my camera. Lesson #2: Don’t think getting a DSLR means you can get rid of your video camera.

Nathan said: We have a few videos but like most people our videos need to be edited and organized. It was fun to look back at the girls and see how much they are grown in just a few years. This was a nice date to just relax and reminisce. Thanks Tiffany!

» Tell me… Do you like taking home videos of the kids? I hated it when my parents did it to me. Now I’m doing it to my kids. Do you have separate photo camera and video camera?

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4 Responses to “Project 52: Home Videos”

  • Lauren

    Just wanted to share our date night this week. We used a Groupon and went to Dick’s Bodacious BBQ. Yummy! Then Hubby took me to the Zac Brown Band concert for my birthday present. Dinner and a concert! It has been years since we’ve done that …

    My parents never had a video camera and I always wished I could see myself as a child. So, yes, we take tons of photos and videos of our daughter. We have a digital camera and a Flip camcorder.

  • cheree

    My parents didn’t have a video camera either. But my sister takes tons of video of my niece and I LOVE being able to see her grow up via YouTube!

  • Angee

    What a great idea. We have a Flip and my hubby and I were just saying that we don’t take enough videos of the girls.

  • Gretchen N

    We have an old Hi-8 video camera that I keep just for the reason you mentioned! I do forget to get it out enough. Sometimes everyday things are fun to tape, just for memories.

    I’m linking up for the FIRST TIME this week! My husband and I have been wanting to join Project 52 for a long time!


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