Project 52: Putting Up Christmas

For date night, I had planned to decoration our Christmas tree. I like to have Christmas stuff up, at least the inside of the house, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Since I was up early doing the Black Friday thing and that afternoon Nathan went to Harry Potter with my dad, we didn’t get around to pulling Christmas decorations out until Friday evening. As we opened the bins, I discovered that storing the Christmas decoration in the attic (earlier this year Nathan decided to take Christmas bins from garage and move to attic for more garage space) cause the candles to melt in the hot summer months. Unfortunately, the candles melted all over our Christmas lights. That meant we needed new lights for our tree. Lesson #1: Do not store candles in the attic where it can reach well over 100 degrees in the summer. It will ruin stuff stored with it.

And the tree. Well, it would have been 7 years old this Christmas. It barely survived last Christmas where the pine needles were falling like snow and the stand was put together with many rubber bands and tape. Not to mention, OK, I will mention, last year Elle pulled the tree down. She was 10 months old and walking. Thought it would be fun to yank the tree down. Kaye was totally cheering her on. Moving on. We didn’t get to do our date Friday night because we didn’t have a tree. So Saturday morning, we went out looking for our next victim, the next Christmas tree that will have to deal with our two kids. Lesson #2: Fake trees are expensive. And purchasing a new tree means you will also need new decorations. All of a sudden the old decorations won’t look good on the new tree.

Our date night ended up being postponed until Saturday evening when we were able to put up our new tree and all new decorations on the tree. We love our new tree. It’s so nice. I hope it lasts several years. Lesson #3: Don’t be fooled by Black Friday deals. Our Christmas tree was on sale $30 cheaper the Monday following Black Friday sales. Boo.

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Nathan said: I enjoy this time of the year where we get to slow down a little and think about all the things we are grateful for. Putting up the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music is always makes my smile. I’m grateful I get to spend it with my family.

» Tell me… Do you go for a fake or real Christmas tree? How do you like your tree? Plump and fluffy, tall and skinny, short and sweet?

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5 Responses to “Project 52: Putting Up Christmas”

  • The Princess

    We don’t have a tree at all–unless you count the ones growing outside & the 2 tiny ones in the nativity set. I redecorate inside & out with violet for Advent, replace my “silk” rose garland with an artificial evergreen garland (both have little white lights) & cut branches to make an Advent wreath. I’ll switch to *Christmas* decorations once Advent ends on Dec 24 (Christmas lasts for roughly 2 weeks *after* that).

  • cheree

    we have a small, fake tree with all of our sentimental ornaments {picked up on vacations over the years}. then we always have a larger, fresh tree that we decorate with homemade gingerbread cookies, strings of popcorn&cranberries and white twinkle lights. we always decorate while drinking my special hot chocolate recipe.

  • Lauren

    Our fake tree bit the dust last year, too. We are going to try a real tree this year to see how we like it. Hubby has always wanted to go cut down his own, a la National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, so I told him this is his chance. If it’s a fiasco of National Lampoon proportions, then I’m vetoing the ‘cut your own’ next year.


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