The Forgotten Halloween 2010

Last year I wrote about how I’m not much of a Halloween person. But that was not the reason why I forgot Halloween this year. You see, it had more to do with being away on vacation the week prior to Halloween and arriving home 12:30 a.m. Halloween day. Oh that’s right. That’s arriving home 12:30 a.m. on Halloween day after a whole day of driving and endless “Knock-knock” jokes from both girls.

And was anyone else confused about Halloween being on Sunday or was it just me? There were neighborhoods here posting signs saying trick-or-treating on Saturday only. I wasn’t sure what our neighborhood was doing. No one made an announcement. So considering our return was past trick-or-treating time on Saturday, we had no idea if people came around asking for candy or not.

But even on Sunday. We went to church in the morning. Then proceeded with the day as normal. My dad came over to visit since we haven’t seen him in a week. Kaye had been asking about Halloween. She knew Sunday was the day. She wanted to go trick-or-treating, mostly so she could wear her princess dress. I was prepared to give her my spiel on how we missed Halloween because we were driving home. Then around 6:30 p.m. we got our first door bell ring.

Oh no! No candy! I flipped through cupboards to find some leftovers from Kaye’s birthday party in August. Oh, and a few glow sticks leftover from Forth of July. Sorry kids. It was however better than my neighbor, Mike, who also forgot and handed out leftover Easter candy. Boy, was I glad we lived in a small neighborhood. We had just enough leftovers for all the kids who came knocking.

By the time the second group of children came to our house, we decided to get the girls dressed so they can go out too. Totally a last minute decision. If you can’t tell from the pictures, Kaye was Cinderella and Elle was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Nope. I didn’t make their dresses. Store bought from before our trip. Ah, yes. They had special Halloween buckets for trick-or-treating, but it was somewhere in the attic and we didn’t have time to retrieve them. So off they went with reusable shopping bags.

Since I totally spaced Halloween this year, I was only able to snap a few good photos of the girls in their dresses as I handed out candy to the other children. This was all I was able to get as it got dark and the girls were headed toward the first home of trick-or-treat. After about the 10th house, the girls were done. Awesome. They each got one piece of candy to devour that night then off to bed. Next year mom will do better, hopefully.

» Tell me… How was your Halloween? Did you go trick-or-treating on Saturday or Sunday or both? Did you make your children’s costumes? Have you ever forgotten a holiday?

2 Responses to “The Forgotten Halloween 2010”

  • Stephanie

    We also got back from traveling on Sunday, but later, at 2:30 pm. We just took our little one (18mo) to my mom and sister’s houses. She wore a costume that Oma bought for her, which was fine by me, although my mom made her a cute bag to use that went with her costume.

    As for forgetting a holiday, does my husband’s birthday count? I don’t think I will ever live that one down!

  • robin

    Halloween is one of my son’s fav hoildays so we’d NEVER forget that! I don’t think I’ve ever forgot a holiday because they are something we really look forward to in our house. I made my kids matching gnome costumes about a month before Halloween and we were super ready for trick or treating. BTW, tick or treating on Saturday??? I didn’t know you could change the date of a holiday! That would be confusing lol. It was on Sunday here (Ontario) and kids went out starting at 5pm and end by 7:30.


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