Chunky Pocket Scarves

Baby it’s cold outside. At least it is cold here and we are expecting snow next Monday. Brr. Last year I started making these chunky pocket scarves. Never finished them. So this year, I decided to pull out the old project and finish them. Then wrapped them up for Christmas gifts.

I love these scarves because they are so soft and warm. And they are multifunctional. Use the pockets to put stuff in or to keep your hands warm outside.

I ended up making four of them. One for me, Kaye and Nathan. All at various sizes because of our heights. And then I made an extra to giveaway to a friend who will be leaving for college at a very cold place.

I also enjoy doing crocheting projects because it is something I can do while watching TV. It’s quite relaxing for me. And these scarves are pretty easy to do. Mostly just straight lines and counting your stitches.

» Tell me… Are you a scarf person? Do you make your own or where did you purchase your favorite scarf?

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