Project 52: Super Mario Brothers

It had been a busy week. Something going on each day of the week and it’s the same this week. We were hardly home last week. Nathan had a date night planned, but he didn’t have time to get some supplies he needed. We resorted to playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. It was pretty much a night where we just sat and did something mindless after a long week. Lesson #1: It’s nice to just sit around in December.

I think this month has been the trickiest for date night. Every weekend we have something planned for Friday and Saturday. Days and nights. And our week nights are also booked to the max with things to do with friends and other things. So it has been challenging to squeeze in date night between all the holiday celebrations and family and friends events. I mean really? Christmas is two weeks away? I’m panicking. Are you? But when we do get in that hour or two of date night time, it’s totally worth it. Nathan and I are usually pretty beat by then. All we want to do is just sit and breathe. Lesson #2: Date nights are still awesome even if we’re not doing anything major.

Nathan said: I’m glad that we were able to just sit on the couch and talk while falling into lava and infinite holes repeatedly. The great thing about video games is that you get to start over again until you get it right. And that I can tell Tiffany to get into a bubble while I change into a penguin suit and jump on ice blocks with shell throwing turtles just to get to the flag pole at the end. How fun is that?

» Tell me… How do you keep date nights going with a busy schedule like the whole month of December? Is your calendar also filled with fun holiday events? What is something you are looking forward to this month?

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4 Responses to “Project 52: Super Mario Brothers”

  • Pam

    We enjoy just sitting together on the couch for a date as well. My husband has all sorts of things he “makes” me do when we play Mario, too. I can’t play to save my life, but I still have fun!

  • Lauren

    Props to those who continue to post about their date nights and link up here for all of us! We are still doing date nights, but posting has gone to the wayside during this season of business!


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