Tag You’re It From Paper Crave

I love paper crafts, as you know. So of course I’m a huge fan of Paper Crave. I drool over the images at that site. And since I was having this Tag You’re It Party, of course I had to invite Kristen to contribute. She’s the go-to person for all things paper. Today she shares with us a downloadable tag. You will love it…

Thanks to Tiffany for inviting me over to share with you today! Everyone has a “peeker” in their family. You know, the one who sneakily shakes, sniffs and jingles their gifts in order to figure out what they are. Now, I can’t tell you that these tags are going to deter the peeker in your family. In fact, these sneaks may actually be encouraged when they see a “no peeking” tag on their gifts, but at least they’ll know that you know what’s going on.

The design of these tags was inspired by whimsically shaped retro ornaments and the art of Dr. Seuss. I had a lot of fun making them, and I hope that you have a lot of fun giving the peeker(s) in your family a bit of a hard time with them, all in the spirit of the holidays, of course!

To make the tags, download the printable file below, and print onto cardstock. Cut out along the dotted lines, punch or cut a hole in the top of tag to thread ribbon or string, and attach to gifts. The tags are large enough for you to write a message on the back, too.

Download the No Peeking Tags

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