Friday’s 5 at 5: Best of 2010 Date Nights

While we are on the subject of Project 52. Let me just reminisce a little on last year’s Project 52: Date Nights. Here are five of our favorite at-home dates from 2010.

  1. Homemade ice cream. That was a delicious and fun date. We worked together and had a good time talking. Our first time making homemade ice cream together. Oh. It was good.
  2. Painting portraits. This was an idea we got from one of the followers of Project 52: Date Nights. We painted a portrait of each other. And since neither one of us are artists in the sense of painting, it was a hilarious date to do.
  3. Would you rather game. Some of the best laughs and we learned something new about each other. P.S. Click over to the date to get the printable of the game.
  4. Bucket lists. We each wrote down our bucket list, things we wanted to do before we died. It was interesting to see what was on each other’s list. And then we talked about how we can do some of those things together.
  5. Discussing Tribes. Nathan and I both read Tribes by Seth Godin last year. Then for the date, I set our home up to be a café and we drank hot cocoa while discussing the book. Our own little book club meeting.

» Tell me… What were some of your most memorable dates with your spouse in 2010?

4 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Best of 2010 Date Nights”

  • vanessa

    My husband and I did ones similar to the portraits, but we outlined each others brains. He had a big category for Sex, I had a big category for crafts, and so on.

  • Amanda

    Hey, I just found your blog and I love it! Letting you know you’ve got a new fan 🙂

    This year, my favorite dates with my boyfriend were:
    1. Going to our school’s astronomy center (it’s open to the public the first Saturday of every month)
    2. Doing dinner together from beginning to end…planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and eating
    3. PJ Night with a Redbox movie, popcorn, and pajamas

  • Ashley

    One of my favourite date nights was “Italian Date Night” – I bought cannelloni, Italian wine and gelato; and we watched the Godfather! It was so much fun, and more interesting then the regular dinner-and-a-movie idea. Love your ideas!


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