Happy New Years 2011

Happy New Years! I am still getting used to writing 2011. That’s going to take a while. We arrived home last night from a fun trip visiting friends for New Years. Today will be a day of catching up for me – laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping, making lists of all the things we need and a to do list as well. Oh yeah, taking down Christmas decorations too. Have you taken your decorations down yet? I usually take them down before New Years, but since we were gone, I left it up for me to do after our trip. Now I’m thinking that wasn’t a good idea.

Our trip consisted of us driving to Kentucky to visit college friends. They have two little girls close to the same ages as our two girls. That worked out nicely because everyone had a play buddy.

New Year’s Eve we tried to stay up playing games and eating delicious food. These friends know how to cook. Which resulted in my pants not fitting by the time we left. Must get on that New Year resolution to be more active and lose weight. Truth be told, I was actually asleep when the clock struck midnight. We were extremely tired from many nights of staying up late with our friends and waking up early with the kids.

Then on our way home, we stopped in Nashville to visit another dear friend, Jenny from the Southern Institute of Domestic Arts and Crafts. She has such a lovely home and three darling children. My children quickly became best friends with them. We went out to lunch with three adults and five children. Then hopped over to the fabric store with all five children. Were we insane or what?

But I am so glad we had the few hours to spend with Jenny and her family. And the fabric store she took me to was fabric heaven on earth. I’m planning a trip to visit her again and shop at this fabric store without the kids next time.

So that was our fun and exciting New Year’s weekend. I am excited about 2011. There should be lots of fun new experiences and hopefully I will be able to meet lots more new blog friends – virtually and in person. I have a tutorial for you tomorrow. I know it’s been a while since I put up a tutorial. So I have a few lined up this month.

» Tell me… What did you do New Year’s weekend? Did you stay up all night and watch fireworks? Did your children stay up too? Did you eat the night away like I did?

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