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About a year and a half ago I purchased a DSLR camera. When I first got it, I used it on automatic everything. And ever since I was little I have always wanted to learn photography, so I thought this would be the prime opportunity to really learn it. Well, lucky me, one of my favorite photographers, Nicole Gerulat, wrote a book and started online classes teaching Photo 101. It changed my photography life.

Nicole teaches online courses that are video segments you watch of her teaching and showing you how to do things. She also does live online chats with the class so you can ask specific questions you may have. And lastly, she gives you homework. They are fun homework where you practice what you learned. The best part, she critiques it and gives you valuable suggestions and ideas on how to make it better.

I first purchased Nicole’s Photo 101 book and it was the book that got me to shoot completely in manual. It was so easy to understand and gave lots of great examples of the concepts. I love her work because it is a very classy rather than trendy style of photography. She uses mostly natural lighting, which is what I like too. So naturally, I wanted to learn from her.

Then recently, I took one of her online photography class on Babies, Toddlers and Kids. It is more of a composure course where she teaches how to take pictures of those little ones. I gained a ton of valuable tips from this course and has helped me in my photography. The photos in this post are from my homework assignments in the class. All shot in manual with no editing.

» Tell me… Who are your favorite photographers and how did you learn to take pictures?

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  • Kristen

    First of all I think it’s crazy that I know that mom in your pic! I grew up with her! Anyway, I love Nicole as well as Erin Cobb and Holly Brimhall. It was those 3 that pushed me on my love for photography.

  • Siobhan Johnson

    Thanks for this information! I have had a DSLR (and very outdated one now) for several years and I know that I am not at all using the camera to the extent that I should. I have always wanted to take classes and learn but it is hard being a single mom to go anywhere for them. The online classes make it that much easier to accomplish my goals!

  • moxie*Lisa

    Great photos Tiffany! I think I am going to take a few of those classes to brush up on my skills. I absolutely love learning new things in the creative field.

  • Mary Johanson

    I love these pictures (obviously). Plus, I now feel like I passed the test of buying baby boy clothes!! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of O. in his new outfit I got him!


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