Reversible Hobo Bag Tutorial

A new year with new craft and sewing projects. How exciting! Here is a simple one to start out with for the year. Remember that ballet hobo dance bag I made for my daughter? Well, I made one for myself. This time I made it reversible yellow and red stripes.

It’s one of my grab-and-go bags where I drop my wallet, phone and keys in there and go. I switch colors depending on what I am wearing or my mood. Remember, if you make something Simply Modern Mom inspired, put photos of it up in the Flickr group to show it off to everyone.

To make this bag, gather the same supplies and use the pattern from the Hobo Dance Bag Tutorial. Then follow these first few steps…

1. With 4 of the bag patterns cut out (2 of each color), match the right sides together. Sew the outer part of the bag of each colors.

2. Flip one of the color right sides out. Place it inside the bag that is wrong side out. Pin the top part together. Leave the top corners where it is supposed to connect to the handle. Don’t sew that part closed.

3. Now sew the top of the bag, leaving an opening large enough to put your hand in.

4. Using the opening at the top of the bag, pull the inside bag out so both bags are attached at the top and both are right side out.

5. Tuck one of the colors inside the other bag. Iron the sewn edges and the seam allowance of the opening for it to lie flat.

6. Top stitch the top of the bag all the way around, including the opening where you pulled the bag right side out. But not the handle openings, don’t sew those two parts.

Pick up the Hobo Dance Bag tutorial from step 12 to finish the handle and the rest of the bag. And there you have it! A reversible bag using the same pattern as the hobo dance bag.

» Tell me… Do you have a purse you use when you are not carrying a diaper bag or do you always carry a mommy/diaper bag?

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  • Xtrsweet

    So please include how you to make and attach the handle…that project is too cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cecilia

    That would look great as a beach bag, too! With my firstborn I carried the diaper bag, over packet, until she was 2… I never had a diaper bag with my second, but I did carry an over-sized, 3-compartment tote until he was 1 or so. These days my youngest is 16 months and all I grab on a regular day out the door is a diaper and a wipe travel case… I do keep disposable sippy cups in the car and he always carries his own blankey and paci…

    • Ally

      Or maybe add a zipper, but other than that it’s a great tutorial.

  • Teresa Akey

    I had just decided to find a pattern to make these with
    vintage fabrics I have just acquired when this popped up! I am SO
    using this! TYVM!

  • ZeMarmotte

    So nice bag and the tuto is so great, very clear and easy to follow.
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    I like it really so much.

  • Melissa

    Very cute!!!! I think I might have to do one of those. Did you use a heavier fabric (like canvas)? Thankfully I am over carrying a diaper bag, even though I have the diapers/wipes stashed in the truck. 🙂

  • Rachel

    That’s so pretty! I *love* the stripes you used! Thanks for the how-to, I’ll be linking.

  • Animalluver

    What a coincidence! I remember I was looking through your archives and I found the ballet tutorial, and I based off your ballet bag tutorial and made my own reversible bag using your patterns! And today, I checked SMM and I found this! Haha, what a coincidence 🙂

  • Kelly

    I just got a sewing machine for Christmas so I’m a real beginner, but I made the ballet bag for my daughter and she loves it! I’ve received a lot of compliments on it as well! Thanks so much for posting your great pattern, clear instructions complete with pictures, and cute ballet shoes stencil. I’m making one for my younger daughter too!

  • Nicole

    Love it! I just picked up fabric so I can make one. I’ll post the pictures on my blog and will link back to yours. Thanks for the great idea

  • Tina "The Book Lady"

    I REALLY like your blog. I don’t think I’ve ever been here before. I’m actually out looking for a baby quilt tutorial I saw one time on the Sew Much Ado linky and I want to make it. But I may just do this one instead. Thanks for sharing!

  • ally

    This tutorial is great:) ive been looking to make a hobo bag for a while and your tutorial is the best i can find! It’s easy to follow and great:)(: im only 14 and have only sewed once. Ever. So im a beginner but i think i can actually do this:) my only question is: how big is this bag supposed to be? I printed out the pattern but id like it to be big like a tote bag so we’re going to try and enlarge it. I went ahead and bought my fabric yesterday and im crazy excited:)(:!!!

  • Mrs G

    Thank you for this tutorial.
    I made this bag and the instructions were really clear and easy to follow. I added a magnetic clasp, a pocket and a key holder. I made the strap just a little bit longer, so I can wear it across my shoulder, if needed.


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