Striped Children’s Scarf

I like to think of this scarf as an orange creamsicle. Yummy. When it comes to crocheting scarves, I like to make the chunky ones using a large P hook. It is much faster to make and it looks so comfy and soft. I was using leftover yarn from the chunky pocket scarves to make one for little Elle. Hope you are staying warm and cozy with our week of warm and coziness.

» Tell me… How do you like to wear scarves? Do you tie it or drape it around your neck?

4 Responses to “Striped Children’s Scarf”

  • April

    Love it! A scarf really does the trick to keep you warm outside. You have some skillz! It looks really nice.

  • Nani

    wow I LOVE the little scarf I really need to learn how to knit you have amazing skills.

  • Sabi

    It depends on my mood and the scarf… Sometimes I tie them, sometimes I drape them and sometimes I tie them in a loop… Sometimes, if it’s a alrger scarf, I use it around the shoulders and secure it with a broche or so 🙂


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