33 At-Home Date Nights

I got an email from a follower wanting to know if I had all the date night ideas in a list. Well, now I do. And these are great ideas for Valentine’s Day if you can’t find a babysitter.

  1. First word game.
  2. Book club at-home café.
  3. Caramel fondue.
  4. Writing our bucket lists.
  5. Playing board games – Yahtzee, Killer Bunnies, Battleship, Scrabble, card games.
  6. Cookie cook-off.
  7. Puzzles.
  8. Would you rather game.
  9. Spa night.
  10. Look through high school yearbooks.
  11. Making s’mores.
  12. Read a book together.
  13. Learn how to eat healthy together.
  14. Mad Libs and word search.
  15. Painting each other’s portrait.
  16. Look at house blueprints.
  17. Make paper airplanes.
  18. Guess and tell game.
  19. Homemade ice cream.
  20. Going through digital photos and deleting old photos.
  21. Paper maché.
  22. Delivery cupcakes.
  23. Listen to old music playlists.
  24. Dotting the map.
  25. Planning a vacation.
  26. Setting goals.
  27. Watch home videos.
  28. Write Christmas newsletter.
  29. Watch college football or sports together.
  30. Put up Christmas or holiday decorations.
  31. Wrapping gifts and a movie.
  32. Play video games.
  33. Talk about a business idea.

And even more ideas here.

» Tell me… What are your at-home date ideas?

11 Responses to “33 At-Home Date Nights”

  • Admitted Fabricaholic

    I love this list! I just sent it to my husband so we could go through it together for Monday night :), as our babysitter can’t sit for V-Day – boo! But doesn’t mean we can’t make it a wonderfully fun or romantic evening at home together! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  • Cate

    We have Scrabble Slam and Monopoly Deal. I think we have all the board games into cards games that have been made except Clue. This is a greatlist. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christina

    Just found your blog. =)
    We did our first ever date night in our new house this past Valentines Day. I totally surprised him with a blanket of rose petals on the floor in front of the fire. We did massages, opened a bottle of wine, and had such a great time connecting. So easy and cheap! And my kids were upstairs sound asleep. =)

  • Heather Dent

    One Halloween my husband and I carved pumpkins, threw the gloppy pumpkin gunk at each other, showered (together), and then doorbell ditched the pumpkins at random houses around town with little notes saying “Happy Halloween!” It was a really fun day.

  • Cheryl

    This I the best, most creative list I’ve come across for at-home dates. Thanks so much!!

  • Jennifer

    pininterest got me to your blog. Nice one! Thanks for all the great ideas~!

  • ellen

    I love this list! Great reminder of some things we can and need to do together. God Bless You!


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