Project 52: Asleep On the Floor

As I mentioned yesterday, we started painting and redoing the girls’ bedroom. They are currently bunking in the same room for the first time in the spare room. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but it’s only the first week. The first day they both stayed up playing around for an hour and half with one singing songs and the other yelling, “Quiet!” And from then on, things has worked out better for the both of them in the room. I think it was that initial excitement.

Then our daily quiet time/nap time has been a bit tricky. Elle still naps for a couple hours a day. So I put her in the room by herself during nap time. And usually Kaye will have her quiet time in her room where she read books or play solo. That’s my time to unwind and get some things done without distraction of the girls. Well, since Elle is in the room napping and the other room is currently off limits, Kaye has been hanging around downstairs while I try to get some work done. Not as productive for me since she keeps asking me questions every few minutes. But one of the days I couldn’t hear her playing or reading. Later, I found her asleep between the couch and the LoveSac. I guess all the adjustments have been tiring on her too. Do you see how she is sleeping? I could never fall asleep like that, folded in half.

Once again, this is a picture taken with my iPhone and using the Instagram app which I so love. If you want to follow me on Instagram, search for my user name “simplymodernmom”.

» Tell me… Do your children still take naps? If not, do you have them do quiet times on their own? What are you doing during that time?

Each week I’m seeing a few more people join in on our Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood. I’m so happy. Thanks for passing the word around to your friends. And each week, I have a harder time choosing which pictures to feature. I relate to so many of you and your photos of motherhood. I love seeing a glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing it with me and hope you take the time to visit each other’s links too.

This week I just found these two brothers adorable from Our Sweet Peas.

And I love this story from Mama’s Little Coffee Break about a day of cooking and baking with the kids. I used to do that a lot more with Kaye. But then Elle made it harder to do because she likes to fling food across the kitchen.

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

10 Responses to “Project 52: Asleep On the Floor”

  • Secret Mom Thoughts

    I often think how I wouldn’t be able to move if I slept like my kids. My kids don’t take naps anymore but the both have “quiet” time. It helps us all recharge.

  • Emily

    That’s awesome! I could never fall asleep like that either. My 21 month old is protesting naps but refuses to do anything by herself. I still have to trick her into napping. We both lay down on my bed and I pretend to be asleep. Sometimes I think I fall asleep before her. If she’s napping I do quiet things (she’s the lightest sleeper ever)- yoga, scripture reading, catching up on emails/blogs, cut patterns/fabric, menu plan, prepare for piano lessons, etc. 🙂

  • Jenn B

    that is adorable! It is so cute to see the different positions kids end up sleeping in.
    Two of my three kids are still taking naps.
    I try to make my almost 6 year at least take a quiet time, reading books or drawing for an hour or so. The two and a half year old would probably rather not take naps but definitely still needs them…and my three month old baby girl still takes several naps a day!

  • Coffee Break Mama

    My son still naps, but my daughter hasn’t napped in quite a while. She does have about an hour of independent time (she’s four). She spends about 20 minutes on either her leapster or the computer, then she can choose from a handful of activities that I have prepared for her (worksheets, coloring pages, play-doh or something like that). The rest of the time she plays on her own with Barbies or whatever. I set the timer for an hour and she knows that’s our time to do our own thing. I think the big thing that helps is that I don’t make her go to her room – she feels grown up that way, and I get an hour every afternoon to clean or blog or whatever I need to do. It took us a while to figure out what works best for us, but for right now it works perfectly and it still leaves us with about an hour of one-on-one time to read or play together before little brother gets up.

  • Cecily R

    My kids quit taking naps at about 2. My youngest is 3 and OH how I wish she still napped. If she did, I’d be able to get cute pictures of her sleeping like yours. 🙂

    P.S. I found your linky because Coffee Break Mama links to your meme and mine on Thursdays. What a great idea you have!! I’m going to throw your button on a P.S. on today’s post so people can come check you out. 🙂

  • Jenny

    We have nap struggles and my daughter is only 15 months! She sleeps through the night though so I won’t complain!

    I love when they wake up in odd positions!

  • [email protected]'s Adventures

    Oh! My Gosh! I love this Meme! It’s just so great!

    You know, it may just be me but I found when my kids shared a room they became closer…wouldn’t it be funny if you kept them together? My oldest son’s are now 16 and 18 and have always shared a room. I tried to separate them one time but they wouldn’t have it! They still love to be together and are the best of friends!

  • Victoria

    That is such a cute pic of your daughter napping, my daughter has stopped napping pretty much at the age of 2 as well.

    I’m new to this blogging stuff and I haven’t had any luck with getting your button on my page but I was able to link it back, hope this is ok?


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