$25 Piano and the Piano Bench

A while ago, my mom found an upright piano at a thrift store for only $25 for us. Couldn’t pass up an offer like that. The piano was a great condition, everything worked perfectly on it. However, the piano didn’t come with a bench. So we commissioned my grandpa to build us a bench. We purchased the legs from the farmer’s market in Alabama last year. Then my grandpa did the rest. My grandma and I covered the top with a cushion and fabric I bought from Joann with a coupon. I didn’t care to have the bench match the piano because who knows how long we will keep the piano. But the piano bench, we will keep forever.

After doing the cushion, it took me a while to get around painting the rest of the bench. That was one of my recent painting projects I finally got around to doing. Piano bench. Check!

Here’s the thing. I only play a little piano. But I hope my children will take lessons and practice on this piano while sitting on this bench for many years to come. I would love to learn to play the piano with them. For now, both girls hop on the bench and bang on the keys pretending to play songs. I love hearing them “play”.

» Tell me… Do you have a piano in your home? Where did you get it? If not, would you care to have one in your home? Do you play the piano?

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  • Robin

    We have a “mini” piano…it is like a regular piano without the lowest and highest octaves. It was given to us by some friends at church. They heard our daughter playing the piano after church one Sunday, and decided she should have her own piano! She is autistic and can play music by ear…she can hear a song once and then play a good (not perfect) rendition of it. She is now taking lessons and has learned to read music, thanks to the kindness of another friend at church. :0)

  • Emily

    Love your bench! Ours doesn’t look like it matches our piano, though the person we bought it from says it did. We definitely did not get that good of a deal on it!! I play the piano a lot and have a few piano students. My little girl who’s almost two likes to play on it too. I’ll probably start teaching her in a year or so, though that’s much earlier than I’d start teaching most other kids. 🙂

  • Hayley Amack

    I grew up playing the piano and after being married for 3 years finally got a piano. The kids in our youth group got it from a bigger and better event, so it was free, however it didn’t work great. Then my grandmother passed away and she left me her piano. I love it! I grew up practicing at her house so it’s a sweet memory to have in my house. It needs some work, but I’m willing to save up to fix it completely. I’m also a piano teacher so it gets used quite a bit.

  • Kate

    We actually have a digital piano. I know…it’s not “real”…but I tried so many out before we bought it to make sure the keys were weighted well to feel like a real one! A huge plus of a digital is the headphones- I can play when kids are sleeping and when the kids get old enough to take lessons, they can use them and I won’t have to listen to the plink-plunking all the time. And yes, my kids are little songwriters, too! So fun. Love your bench! You always have great ideas.

  • Tiffany Abbott Fuller

    I do have a piano in my home. I’ve played since I was 8 years old. I was able to purchase my piano with money leftover from the “wedding fund.” I had a very frugal wedding in order to save the money for my piano. Now I teach piano lessons and I LOVE it! My favorite thing to do is to play and sing LDS primary songs with my husband (who always changes the words; ie. “I belong to the church of cheese and rice,” or “Follow the Crawfish,”) to our dogs and cats (we have no children). I can’t imagine a life without music in the home. I LOVE your piano bench. I have a fabulous bench, but now I’m thinking I need to make one like yours, especially with the cute fabric top. 🙂

  • deborah

    love your blog! this post especially = ] it brings me back to the days when my mom made me sit at the piano bench for an hour before i could get up. sad days back then. but now i have my own piano and it’s one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me. i’m hoping the piano (or perhaps an udgrade later on) stays in your home just as long as the bench does!

  • ang

    I am a music teacher, and we have a lovely piano in our living room. (But ours is missing a bench too) I always knew that as an adult, I would ‘need’ to have a piano in my home.
    Long ago, while we were dating (I was only in high-school), my amazing husband found a baby grand for sale at a nursing home, consulted with a piano specialist, and worked for months to strip and refinish the entire piano in his garage (while going to school and working). He did some research and got a new label from the original piano maker, and inscribed a thoughtful message to me with a quote from the Psalms. It was a beautiful gift of love. And now our little girls like to “play” it too.

  • mrs. r

    I am DYING to re-do our piano bench and make a cute cover for it. Do you have a tutorial for you how did this?

    Thanks so much!


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