BTB Tips #26: Stop Fray Edges

If you have daughters, you will know exactly what I am talking about, fray edges. A lot of their dress up clothes are made from fabric that will fray. Not only dress up clothes but anything with ribbon and other fashion accessories. So I like to keep a bottle of this around…

There are various brands of stop fraying glue. This one that I have dries clear and is machine washable. It does bring a little stiffness to the fabric where the glue is applied. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. It worked wonders on these princess dresses. I applied to glue. Waited for it to dry. Then trimmed the frays. And that was the end of my problems.

» Tell me… Do you find your children’s clothes and accessories fray? Do your children wear out their toys and dress up clothes quickly like mine?

2 Responses to “BTB Tips #26: Stop Fray Edges”

  • Cajsa

    My husband just came to me with that my problem with my daughter and her precious Snow White dress. I have just ignored the problem over and over again but I didnt even think of the bottle of fray ender I have in the house!! haha

  • Shannon

    I sew and create a number of dance costumes, all of which deal with this problem. A life-long dancer shared this life-saving tip. If the fabric is polyester or some other such fabric, if you run the edge of the fabric along a flame, it melts the ends and seals the fabric. Obviously you would do this without children around, but you would be amazed how well it works – and it doesn’t come out in the wash!


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