Friday’s 5 at 5: Easy Ways To Go Green

Happy Earth Day! Here are super simple ways you can help the planet. You are probably doing these things without realizing you are helping the planet!

  1. Shop at thrift stores and make donations. First of all, this is fun to do anyway. And it’s a great way to recycle things you don’t need or want.
  2. Repurpose things around your house. Be a little creative and find other uses for things that you don’t use anymore, such as clothes and decorations.
  3. Use reusable grocery bags. Keep it in your car so you can see it before heading into the stores. When I go grocery shopping, I go grocery shopping. I get a lot of food because I restock on everything only once a month. But these reusable groceries bags can fit a ton of stuff in them.
  4. Wait to wash dishes. Fill up the dish washer before running it to save energy and water.
  5. Go unplugged. When something is not in use, unplug it. It will save on your energy bill.

» Tell me… What are simple ways you go green?

3 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Easy Ways To Go Green”

  • karen

    I make sure the lights are off in every room. So thankful that the girls playroom have lovely window where the sun hit to give us plenty of natural lighting.
    I recycle all the junk mail that comes in.
    Whenever I print something from the computer and don’t need it, I use the other side as a scrabble note pad since I’m always making “to-do list”.

    Ps– don’t know if I missed the big blog post — did you find out what you’re having ??? I’m pregnant with my 3rd kid (I have 2 girls already) and found out I’m having a BOY !!!

  • melanie

    I made a pledge a few years ago to change one habit or behavior in my life. So far I have done:
    – recycle as much as we can or buy things that have less packaging.

    – shop the local farmers market. food doesn’t have to travel far! and buy produce that is in season.

    – use canvas bags for shopping. if i am only buying a few items, I decline a bag and stick in my giant purse. our local parks have posts that hold plastic bags for dog owners to use to pick up dog poo, so we try to donate some there.

    – as light bulbs need replacing, use CFLs instead. and turn lights off when not needed.

    – as appliances need replacing, try to go for green machines (my washer crapped out on me last year, and I asked my mom to help me buy a eco-friendly washer for my bday. very sexy, no? 🙂

    – drive more efficiently: combine errands, don’t speed or tailgate, get car maintenance regularly, keep tires inflated properly, keep junk out of the car as much as possible, keep the car clean — all this affect for your fuel economy.

    – water your lawn properly. a local nonprofit here sends out volunteers to examine your property and water systems to do a water audit. last year the woman told me people often overwater their lawns, sometimes by 60 percent! also pick garden and plants that are best suited for your climate and soil.


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