Friday’s 5 at 5: I Want To Eat Desserts…

We’ve had family visitors all week and once they left, my oldest came down with a fever. So never a dull moment around here. I’ve been seeing some yummy dessert recipes online that I want to try. Can you tell that I’m pregnant and craving sweets? I thought I would share the recipes with with you…

  1. Lemon frozen yogurt with raspberries. Oh yum. I love creamy popsicles with real fruit. I have a feeling this recipe will be one of my favorites this summer.
  2. Tasty lemon tart. A recipe for the crust too and that’s my favorite part.
  3. Macarons. I’ve been seeing them everywhere and they look so delicious. I want to try one, even if it means I have to make them myself.
  4. Peach shortbread. I love desserts with crumbs on top and this one makes it look so pretty.
  5. Misty misty peppermint patties. Oh these are gorgeous. And I love anything peppermint. So of course I’ll be devouring these.
+ image by Dessert First

2 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: I Want To Eat Desserts…”

  • Hayley Amack

    Oh man, these all look delicious! For a sweet craving, you are going the much healthier route than mine….which is just anything chocolatey and realllly high in calories 😉 Thanks for sharing, I now have several new recipes to try, can’t wait!

  • Cecilia

    They look yummy! I’ve been obsessed with macarons lately and dieing to make them…


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