White Gum Ball Machine

My mom found this gum ball machine on a stand at a yard sale for $8. I love shopping through my mom. She has the greatest finds and then I buy it from her when I see something I like at her house. When I saw that gum ball machine, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I was going to paint it.

I got the idea from my mom. She had another gum ball machine exactly like it and she had painted it a light pink color. It was so cute and she ended up selling it in her antique store. So I thought I would do the same thing, but white to go in the girl’s room.

This was the before…

And the after…

» Tell me… What would you put in a gum ball machine? Really, the possibilities are endless if you think outside of gum balls.

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  • Christina

    Would buttons fit? Would be quite nice to have a colourful display and then when you need some for decorating something you can get a random selection.

  • Kelly

    We’ve had one exactly like your top image (minus the Atlanta Braves sticker :)) for about 5 years now. I LOVE it! I rotate what’s in it but it hasn’t been gumballs for a very long time. I like to put seasonal M&M’s in it from Halloween – Valentine’s Day. We’ve done Skittles and jellybeans. Right now it’s full of “classic” M&M’s. I use it as an incentive for my kiddos. They’ll do just about anything for a penny! 🙂 And although I do keep a jar of pennies handy, other kids often come with pockets full of change when they come to play. 🙂 Your girls are going to love having that in their room! Be sure to show us what you put in it!

  • Missy

    I’ve always wanted to convert a gumball machine into a goldfish bowl. I think it would be super cute. Love how your project turned out!

  • Janel

    I am currently looking for a white or pink gumball machine just like yours. I had one as a kid and am buying one for my neice. How did you paint it if I was to do the same?? Was it spray paint?? I can only seem to find them in red!

    • Tiffany

      i took the gum ball machine apart and spray painted the parts that are visually seen from the outside. it was pretty easy to do.

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