Yarn Egg Surprise Tutorial

I love how these yarn eggs turned out for Easter. I wished I had finished them earlier and made more to decorate around the house. But I think I’ll try to make more, just not in egg shape. The yarn eggs were so simple to make and the surprise inside made it a great gift idea. Just cut the egg open to get the surprise inside.

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  • water balloons
  • a small hand air pump
  • Mod Podge
  • water
  • yarn
  • small toys or trinkets

Since you are using small toys, you wouldn’t want to give these as gifts to small children or toddlers. They may choke on them. I found cute bowling erasers at the craft store and decided to use these as my surprise inside the eggs. Whatever you use, it will have to be small enough to fit in the water balloons.

1. Fit your trinkets or small toys into the water balloons. You will have to stretch them and carefully, without ripping the balloon, fit the toy in pretty much all the way.

2. Use a small hand pump to blow up the balloon. I tried to blow up a water balloon by mouth and it didn’t work. So I used an air pump I had for our yoga ball to inflate the balloon.

3. Once you get the balloon inflated to the size you want, tie the opening. I made mine about 3 inches tall. And your surprise toy should be inside the balloon.

4. I squeezed the balloon toward the top to form it to an egg shape.

5. I rolled yarn onto the balloon and wrapped it enough times where there weren’t any holes big enough for the toy to fall though. Then cut it. This gave me an idea how much yarn I needed to use for the balloon.

6. Mix Mod Podge with water. I used about 1/4 cup Mod Podge and about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water. Stir it well and the glue should look milky. Mod Podge is great because it’s a strong blue and it dries clear.

7. Soak the yarn in the glue.

8. Wrap it back around the balloon but this time it’s wet with glue. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

9. Once completely dried, pop the balloon while holding the tied knot of the balloon. Pull the popped balloon out of the yarn egg through one of the holes. If the popped balloon is still wrapped around the toy, pull as much of the balloon out and cut a larger opening in the balloon to allow the toy to fall out. And done!

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43 Responses to “Yarn Egg Surprise Tutorial”

  • Bonnie

    Day 2 and still not dry! Just tried popping a balloon and the whole egg shrunk. (Would make a cute birds nest actually!) One more night and if they’re not dry by morning I’m going to take the blow drier to them.

    • Tiffany

      perhaps you need to add more mod podge glue. it should be one part glue and two parts water. so you if you do one cup glue then it should be two cups water and then mix it well.

  • nancy laverick

    that is so cool with the treat inside. I wonder if candy would work…just a thought that I am going to try and maybe give with a pair of cheap scissors as an Easter gift. or birthday hey how about colors for Xmas? so many possiblys. thank you so much

  • Cyndi

    I was planning to do these with my grand kids this weekend. I thought I’d give it a try before then to make sure I could do it . I can’t get past putting the candy in the balloon! What am I doing wrong. I have Hershey’s foil wrapped eggs and jelly beans. Every time I try to up them in the neck of the balloon tears. I’m going to have some real disappointed kids if I can’t figure this out. Help, Any suggestions?

    • Tiffany

      try stretching the balloon before putting the candy in. careful not to pinch and rip the balloon as you are trying to get it through the neck of the balloon. or it may be the kind of balloon you are using.

  • Marsha

    How do you keep the thing from caving when you let the air out of balloon? Have tried it twice

  • Christine

    I saw the idea you had, looks like is lots of fun to do.
    However, I hate the idea of having to pop the balloon.
    I did see in videos on you tuber, with yarn, projects and chocolate items, you can a avoid a noisy pop by taking
    Scissors and cutting it where the knot is, it just silently
    Deflates. I thought I’d share that, so people who hate popping
    Ballons can do crafts ad often as you want.

  • Allison Lonergan

    I tried to make these at work with the residents and the string stuck to the balloons. How can I keep this from happening>


  • Natalie

    I am the oldest cousin now and I get to run the Easter crafts! These are great!

    • Natalie

      Really? Me too! #igettorunthemwithyoubecauseimYourtwin!!!!

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