My New Sewing Machine

Happy birthday to me. Back in March-ish Nathan told me that he was thinking of buying me my own sewing machine for my birthday this year. My birthday was at the end of April. I have been doing quite a bit of sewing as you can see in my tutorials. But I did it all with my mom’s sewing machine. One that she had found at a yard sale or thrift store. It was an older Singer model and it worked great for what I needed to get done. And then this year, Nathan thought it was time for me to get my own. I love that guy.

I was excited to research a new machine. Come to find out, it wasn’t easy at all. Asking people which brand of sewing machine to get was like asking them where to buy clothes. Everyone had their own opinion and no one was wrong. It was all depending on tastes, sewing skills and what they would make with their machine. Also, the more I researched the more expensive the machines were. So this week, I’ll tell you everything I learned about sewing machines and how to pick the right one for you. We’ll do a second series of Sewing 101 about sewing machines.

Let me tell you about my new sewing machine. Not saying this is the one you should get. But I absolutely love my sewing machine. After many days and hours of researching, I decided the best machine for me was this Molly model Baby Lock sewing machine. It’s a simple and basic sewing machine from Baby Lock. I didn’t need embroidery or anything computerized. I don’t do quilting.

This sewing machine has all the features I was looking for and a little more to make it even better. And I got it at such a great deal because there was a sale one these machines. You can’t order Baby Lock sewing machines online. You have to purchase it from a licensed dealer. So for me, it also came with full service parts and labor warranty for a year from the store I purchased it from. Some of the features in Molly that I really like are built-in needle threader, one-step button hole, adjustable stitch length and width and drop-in bobbin.

Thanks, Nathan! I love, love, love my new sewing machine!

» Tell me… What sewing machine do you use? Where did you purchase your machine?

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  • Torri

    I would LOVE a new machine! I have an older than I am bernina–but I love it! After working as a seamstress for 6 years, Bernina is the only way for me!

  • Clover@farrbetterlife

    Hi!! Good for you for going simple. I was lucky enough to be given my first sewing machine. It was a new Brother H-1000. Pretty basic. I have a girlfriend who spent like $900.+ on a machine and she barely sews. What a waste. If I ever do decide to start quilting I may upgrade, but for now I love my little Brother:-)

  • Dee

    I have a Brother machine that I got for a graduation 32 years ago. Still works like a dream. It is very heavy because it made of all metal! Th next machine I would like is a serger. It would save time be sewing, trimming and finishing the seam all at once.

    • Tiffany

      one day i would love a serger too. but for now, i’m still a little intimidated by it. 🙂

    • Jan

      I got a Babylock Evolution last Christmas, if you are going to get a serger and can afford the price, that would be the one I recommend. It threads the lower loopers automativally…it’s heavenly.

  • Katie

    What kind of singer did you have? I am currently using my mom’s sewing machine since she rarely sews anymore, but it’s older than me! It has a drop in bobbin (which I do really like) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to thread elastic thread with it. I know you have to do it by hand, but I just can’t get the tension right or something? Did you have that problem with you old one?

    • Tiffany

      i never did elastic thread with my old singer machine. so sorry i can’t help you there.

  • Sewing Princess

    I have a Singer from the 60s that my mom gave me, then last year I bought a Bernina Aurora that I bought online. I was hoping I could connect it to my pc, but you need to purchase the embroidery unit…which is too expensive. So, though I am really happy with my Bernina, I wouldn’t reccommend to spend the money on it unless you also get the embroidery unit. Get a cheaper model otherwise.

  • Regina

    Oh finally..this was the first review I found. I just bought one today!! Do you know if it can handle thick fabrics or denim?

    • Tiffany

      yes it can. you just need to make sure you have the right needles. there are special denim needles.

  • Cheryl

    Just looking at this today. What do you think of it after using it a couple years now?


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