Luggage Strap Tutorial

We have been purchasing luggage for a trip we are planning this summer. Looking around at prices of luggage, we discovered the cheapest place to get good quality luggage was Ross. That’s if you don’t care for matching luggage. One of the luggage we purchased didn’t come with a luggage strap at the front to help carry backpacks or attach other rolling luggage to it so you can roll a couple luggages by pulling only one. Usually carry-on luggages have one attached to the luggage, like this green luggage below.

And since Nathan and I will be carrying four carry-on luggages, I know we will need those straps. I decided to make one that attaches to the handle at the top of the luggage. And it turned out pretty cheap. Joann had a 50 percent off all their notions and I was able to make one for $2. Great fix for something that will come in handy when traveling with kids. It frees my hand. The best part was it took only 10 minutes to put it all together. Simple and easy, right?

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  • 1-inch wide polyester straps about 9 inches in length
  • lighter
  • a set of buckles
  • black thread

1. Use the lighter to burn the ends of the polyester straps. It should melt it to prevent frays.

2. Undo the buckles and loop one buckle to each end of the strap.


3. One end will be adjustable. And on that end, you fold the tip about 1/4-inch in twice. Sew that together so it doesn’t unfold. I used the zig zag stitch. This prevents the end from slipping through the loop on the buckle.

4. The end that is not adjustable you sew the end to the rest of the strap. And done!

» Tell me… How do you manage all the luggage when traveling with children? Do you pay to have luggages checked-in?


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  • Stephanie S. Toone

    We can’t afford to fly much but we always fly Southwest = no baggage fees for the first 2, plus they have cheaper fares! We only fly to Phoenix. I don’t know how anybody can afford to travel with kids paying baggage fees (carseats, portable cribs, etc) let alone the fares!

  • Courtney

    THANKS! We are going to be flying with both kids for the first time in a few months and i’ve been trying to keep my hubby calm about all the STUFF we have to carry with us. This may just help us keep at least some of it easier to manage 🙂


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