Pen Pal Packages

I thought this summer would be the perfect time to start a pen pal for my children. I remember having a pen pal through school when I was in third or forth grade. I loved receiving mail from her and learning about this random person that lived far away. So I thought this summer would be the perfect time to try out a summer pen pal thing with the kids and see how it goes. And I knew exactly who I wanted my children’s pen pals to be… their friends who are living out-of-state.

You see, Nathan and I met through guy friends I had in college. He was their new roommate. So we’ve kept in touch because he became friends with them too. And they all married amazing ladies that became some of my best friends. We do our best to keep in touch – phone calls, texts, Christmas cards and whenever an opportunity arrives, we visit in person. Life has moved all of us everywhere in the United States. There are four of us and we range from Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky and soon to be settled in Minnesota. We all have children around the same ages. Our children have all met each other but vaguely remember because they are still so young.

So it was a quick set up. I emailed my friends to see if their children would be interested in doing a pen pal exchange with my children. I set up a rotating schedule so we only had to send a pen pal package to one family per month. And made a list of thing to include in the package. I’ll go into more details later this week on this pen pal set up if you are interested.

The girls and I sent off our first package. We made it a beach theme since we were at the North Carolina shores earlier this month. The girls gathered sea shells and sand to include in the package. Then I figured out a recipe for sand play dough rather than just sending sand and have the parents hate me. And off it went in a flat rate box.

» Tell me… Have you ever had a pen pal? Do you think your children would be interested in a pen pal or receiving packages in the mail?

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  • Lyanna

    That’s awesome, I remember having a pen pal in grade school. I would love to set one up for my daughter, she absolutely loves sending and receiving mail! She’s already sent letters to 3 people since summer has started, which was on the 17th of June for her.

    Sounds like lots of fun

  • celine

    look fun, never do that myself, i’m french, but i think it’s a great idea ! i will talk about that with my kids !
    thank for your great blog !

  • Karen

    When I was 9, I met a girl my age at the campground my family went to every summer and we were inseparable the whole week we were camping. We became pen pals, and our parents arranged to go camping the same week each summer so we could play together. Over 20 years later, we’re going back to the same campground for the first time since we’ve had our own children…can’t wait to watch them play together!

  • Bethany

    I LOVE this idea! I had a pen pal from Maine. I am from Alaska.
    I have friends from college who live all over too, and it is such a good idea to have our kids do this!

  • Crystal

    What a great idea! Who doesn’t love getting mail. Your sand playdough sound intriguing too! Recipe?

  • amber d.

    We had one for a short time last year. My son (going into 1st) would love to have another!


    • kathye

      I absolutely love this. I wanted to do a pen-pal thing this summer. I posted it on fb for some of my out of state friends and work friends. I was disappointed in the reaction of people being to bizzy. I will keep watching some where interested in it. Thanks for the blog.

  • patsy

    I used to have lots of penpals. had to stop when I got married. But yes, I think it’s a great idea!


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