Baby Kimono & Weekend Sewing Book Review

My sewing buddy purchased Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing a while ago and I flipped through it thinking I needed to borrow it from her one day. There were some great projects in there that I wanted to make. I ended up finding the book in our library and borrowed it for several weeks. Such a fun book with great projects. And the photography in the book was amazing.

From Weekend Sewing I decided to make a simple baby kimono for our little one who will be arriving soon. I haven’t done anything for the baby yet so I thought this could be the first “nesting” thing I can make for her. And the project seemed simple enough where I could finish it in one day. I used the bias tape I made previously and bed sheets I had found at the thrift store.

I also decided to add a tie to the inside of the kimono so the inside flap doesn’t hang down when the baby is wearing it. That wasn’t in the original instructions in the book. For my likes and dislikes of the book jump below the picture.


  • Great project ideas such as the weekend wrap skirt, simple pajama pants, children’s clothing and women clothing.
  • At the back of the book it gives you basic sewing information for beginner sewers. And at the front of the book there is an intro that also talks about fabric and basic sewing stuff.
  • Some projects are super simple and some, like the clothing, are a little more difficult. So it’s a book for beginner and intermediate sewers.
  • The book comes with patterns that you can trace and use. So you don’t have to come up with your own patterns.
  • Each project has great photography that shows what it is supposed to look like in the end.
  • All the projects are supposed to be simple enough for you to finish in one weekend.


  • When I made the kimono, the measurement for the bias tape was wrong. I used way more bias tape than what the book required me to have.
  • Following the instructions, the underarm of the kimono was a bit scrunched (see picture of what I’m talking about below).
  • The written instructions were OK. Some parts were a bit confusing.
  • It had drawn illustrations showing you some of the steps that needed visual explaining. However, some of the illustrations can also be confusing too.
» Tell me… Are you a fan of Heather Ross? Have you made other things from her products or books before?

2 Responses to “Baby Kimono & Weekend Sewing Book Review”

  • emma

    thanks for the book review!! i’ve been thinking of getting it! i did get the martha stewart encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts and LOVE IT! she has a baby kimono patter in it too! but i haven’t tried it yet! i have a friend who is due in October, so I think i’ll definitely use it for her! I’ll let ya know!! 🙂

  • indywriter

    You should also check Heather Ross’s site : before working on any other projects. There are some other errors. I discovered this after I made up the Yard Sale Skirt. I need more panels and a longer waist/tie (unless I wish to be arrested for indecent exposure). I don’t have enough fabric to do this. I was a bit upset after this discovery.


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