BTB Tip #31: Mom’s Car Emergency Kit

Back to basics tip #30: I have two emergency bags in the trunk of my vehicle. One is the car emergency kit and the other is my mom emergency kit. I stock it full of stuff that may come in handy in mom emergency situations with children.

I’m thinking situations like running out of diapers, pee accidents, spills, diaper blow outs and so forth. Here’s what I keep in my mommy car emergency kit…

  • change of clothes
  • diapers
  • children’s underwear
  • wipes
  • antibacterial wipes
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • tissues
  • receiving blanket

Things that I keep in my car for the kids…

» Tell me… What do you find a necessity to have in your car for your children?

10 Responses to “BTB Tip #31: Mom’s Car Emergency Kit”

  • Lynne

    I do this too. It has saved us many times. The hardest part is remembering to go though it every few months to make sure the clothes are for the right season and the diapers still fit! I added a few books, crayons and small toys to mine, for those unexpected outings or restaurant visits.

  • Danielle K.

    I use a large diaper bag so most of those items I keep and lug around in the diaper bag at all times because I’m a worrier. lol But it’s actually saved us a few times! In addition to that I always keep an extra jacket, heavier blanket and water in the car. The paper towels is a great idea that I didn’t even think of though!

  • Cynthia

    Oh yes I have the same things in my car. I try to have an extra plastic bag and reusable bag in there as well. You never know when you might need a bag. Like Lynne, I’m always forgetting to double check it and replace clothes that mat not fit. What’s funny is that with guy writing thus, I need to put new diapers in the bag. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Marissa

    Right now mine just has some diapers, wet wipes, and a few toys. The funny thing is that I’ve used it more for non-travel emergencies than when we are away from the house. Like 10 minutes before bedtime and husband comes out from my daughter’s room and is like, “Um, I’m changing Aubrey’s diaper and we have no diapers…AND she’s poopy.” Perfect. Markers/pens, paper, mini magna-doodle, and etch-a-sketch are a must for my older boys in our car.

  • Emily

    I used to carry around extra clothes but stopped once the blowouts stopped and after forgetting to rotate out the too small clothes (and diapers). Now I just have a diaper changing pad stocked with diapers and wipes and a plastic bag in the car just in case. I use the wipes to clean hands, faces, etc. Also I bring a sippy cup and snacks wherever we go, in my purse.

  • kat - kats in the belfry

    i do the same. we have things that are JUST for the car as well. board books, doodle pad, little toys, doll. it makes them more special, so my (nearly) two year old has less reason to fuss. a mirror he can make faces into is attached to the seat in front of him as well. oh, and a pair of slippers that are just for the car. i don’t know why, but he is obsessed with off/on shoes play. the best thing i keep back there with him is his 13yo brother. i suppose not everyone can pack one of those 😉
    cute blog, btw. just found it via a search for diy mustaches on sticks.

  • Lauren

    We have what we call a “puke bag” in the car. My 3-year-old gets carsick, so we keep a bag with paper towels, club soda (for cleaning up puke stains on the car seat, floor, etc.), febreze (because puke is smelly) and plastic ziplocs. As soon as we stop carrying a diaper bag, I’ll need to start carrying extra clothes in the puke bag too.

  • Melissa

    Add in scissors or a sharp pocket knife… Kids like to mess with seatbelts, hoodie strings and anything else they could possibly strangle themselves with and having a quick way to cut them loose might save their life.
    A first aide kit should be in there too.
    In mine for a 2yo, 5 1/2 yo, 7yo and 11yo I keep both of the above, diapers, wipes, hoodies, spare stretchy gloves and hats in winter, a small blanket for everyone, snacks, a case of water, colored pencils cause crayons melt and blank doodle pads (their pencils are in a case with built in sharpeners) several plastic shopping bags for trash and grossness, a couple small toys and books, change of clothes for the 2yo and spare pants for the middle 2 (constantly spilling something), and a package of glow sticks (not for while I am driving).
    I have a care care kit that includes cleaning supplies for the car and I always keep a box of tissues, roll of tp and spare feminine supplies in my car.
    Now I’m switching to a 7passenger SUV instead of a minivan so I have to reevaluate what I keep in the car since there is NO cargo room when we are all loaded in 🙁


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