Dry Ice Bubbles Tutorial

We have been feeling the summer heat. Has it been incredibly hot where you live? A while ago I received a package in the mail that had dry ice to keep the contents cold. Nathan thought this was the perfect opportunity to show the girls some tricks with dry ice. There are a couple fun things you can do with bubbles and dry ice.


  • dry ice
  • liquid dish washing soap
  • water
  • large metal mixing bowl
  • long string that is longer than the opening of the bowl
  • cup

One Big Bubble

1. In the cup, make a water and dish washing soap mixture. Mostly water and 1/2 teaspoon of soap. Stir it with a stick or spoon.

2. Place the dry ice in the metal bowl with water filled 3/4 of the way. Do not touch the dry ice. It will burn your skin. Use tongs or something to pick it up. It will start creating smoke.

3. Dip the entire string into the soap mixture. Allow some of the mixture to drip off but don’t wipe off the excess. Hold the two end of the strings and glide the string across the top of the metal bowl (see picture below). This should create a bubble across the entire top of the bowl and the dry ice in the water should start making the bubble rise. When you pop it, smoke will come out from the dry ice.


Tiny Bubbles

With dry ice bubbling in the water, add a small amount of dish washing soap. It will start creating a bunch of tiny bubbles. The kids can grab handfuls of bubbles. When the bubbles pop, white smoke from the dry ice will appear. Do not touch the dry ice. It will burn your skin. Use tongs or something to pick it up.

Note: If you are doing both bubbles, you will want to do the tiny bubbles last because these little bubbles will keep coming.

» Tell me… Have you played with dry ice before? What are some of your dry ice tricks?

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