Friday’s 5 at 5: I Like Kindergarten

Now that Kaye is in kindergarten, I have progressed to becoming a school mom. Yup. I’ve got that minivan to prove it. So far I am enjoying kindergarten as well…

  1. Time with Elle. I have more time with Elle which has never happened before. I have always been with both girls until Kaye started school.
  2. Meeting new moms. As Kaye make friends in school, I’ve started to make some new friends myself with their moms.
  3. Automatic doors. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have automatic doors on the minivan. It has been the cherry on top for picking up and dropping off at school.
  4. I can help with homework. Although I am a college graduate, I am not good at math. Nathan is the math person in our house. But kindergarten homework… I can do that.
  5. Volunteering at the school. I am lucky that Kaye’s school is very family friendly and asks for parent volunteers to help in the classrooms. I started the school year getting to know her teacher and helping out in the classroom a few times already. I tried to do what I can now before the baby comes. Who knows what I will be able to handle after her arrival.
» Tell me… What do you like about your children going back to school? 

3 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: I Like Kindergarten”

  • Susan

    thanks for the update on Kindergarten. It’s so nice to hear and learn from the moms that are going before me.

  • Amy Barlow

    Did you take Elle with you when you went to volunteer or did you have someone watch her? I want to volunteer as much as I can this year with little J.’s class but I’ve got H.T. home with me. I’m not sure if I should take him with me every once in a while or only go and volunteer when I can get someone to watch him for me. so glad to hear everything is going well though. 🙂

    • Tiffany

      i had someone watch her. she is too much of a distraction at school if i would have taken her with me. try doing a trade off with another mom for baby sitting so you both can volunteer.

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