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The other day I took Kaye into the pediatrician for her 5-year checkup. She did well. The nurse did ask me after filling out a form about Kaye’s eating habits, “Is Kaye a good eater or a picky eater?” My first thought was, “Really? She is 5. What 5-year-old is not a picky eater?”

Isn’t that the case with most children? They were great eaters back when they were first introduced to foods. Then as they grew into toddlers, they started to develop their own ideas for what is good and what is not. And I am the kind of mom that keeps introducing healthy fruits and vegetables to my children in hopes that one day they will learn to like it.

So I discovered Choose My Plate. It’s a site by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Along with the Food Pyramid, they are trying to promote healthy food portions for adults and children. In fact, their biggest push is the adults having to set examples to the children on how to eat healthy. I totally agree. There are a ton of resources for parents and children to learn how to incorporate healthy eating and portion sizes in their meals each day.

Along with tips, there are posters you can print at home to teach about the food pyramid. And children and adults can create their own food plan (including how many calories you should eat a day) according to their age, weight and height. If  you are over weight, it gives you suggestions on how to work toward a healthy weight range.

» Tell me… How do you like to teach your children about healthy eating and meal portions?



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  • Andrea Graf

    I need to remake on in a PDF but I like turning it into a kind of game, for me a rocket was the easiest, I have pieces for the rocket in different colors for the different food groups, one per serving and they put the rocket together throughout the day as they eat the different foods, sugary treats and junk food isn’t part of the regular rocket, instead it’s an extra piece they can add but I only put one of them and if they eat more then that then they can’t add the “jet flame” to the rocket that makes the rocket look like it’s flying to show that too much sugar is like putting bad fuel in your tank.

  • Cecilia

    What a great idea, Andrea! I have a similar idea, but I’m using the Choose My Plate graphic for ours. I have a picture of the plate divided into equal quarters (which is easier to work with), adhered to a 6 in circle of magnet sheet, and I plan on printing different foods on quarter pieces, with the same background color as their correspondent food group. When meal time comes, I’ll have my daughter pick the pieces that she wants to each to make a balanced meal. I have been stressing that cookies, crackers, candy, and chips (the C’s as I call them) are only occasional treats and that’s why there is no place for them at a meal. Another thing I did was to print out semi-circles in graduated sizes and each in a different color of the rainbow. I got the idea from “”. Each day she gets to pick her veggies and fruits and add the corresponding color semi circle to the rainbow. On days that she eats all five colors (our blue, indigo and purple is one category), we get to do something special, such as do a craft, visit the library, the playground, watch a movie…


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