Project 52: Playing Solo

Her older sister is in kindergarten. I thought it would impact her more than it actually has. Instead, she has been great about it all. In fact, I think she enjoys the time alone and alone with me. She is able to play with any toy she wants. She gets to pick which movie to watch. When we drop Kaye off at school, Elle is fine saying good bye. She has been super good adapting to this change. In a couple of weeks we will see how she reacts to the new baby.

» Tell me… Do your children play better together or alone by themselves?

First feature is from Plum who is still enjoying summer. I am jealous because I wouldn’t mind sleeping in and having fun with my girls a little longer. But we’re full force into school now. Look at how brave the kids are on that ride.

And the second feature is from Freshly Completed of her son painting a wooden die so she can teach him numbers and counting.

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

6 Responses to “Project 52: Playing Solo”

  • Sara

    Are those not the best dolls for a two year old ever!!!! My little girls loves hers, and she give them to all her friends for their 2nd birthday!

  • Angee

    That’s wonderful that she’s not feeling lonely. I’m sure she’ll be the best little mama when the baby comes.

  • {plum}

    Thanks for including us in your Project 52! I love this picture of your little one playing and get all weepy just thinking about the day when my Pippy Girl joins kindergarten. Be well in your final days and best of luck with the little one!

  • Karen

    I always treasure the peace and quiet when I only have one child home instead of two. While they’re starting to actually play together (as opposed to just near each other), they play really well alone, looking much like Elle does in your picture.


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