Sing Along! By Caspar Babypants

This is my children’s newest favorite thing… Caspar Babypants’ newest album, “Sing Along!” And that is exactly what my girls do. They sing along to all the songs in the album. There are so many favorite songs in there that I find them singing something from the album throughout the day. Chris Ballew of Caspar Babypants, a former lead singer of The Presidents of the United State of America, gets better with each album.

Chris sent me his newest album a few weeks ago and it has been the only music my children request in the car. Caspar Babypants is the only children’s music you can find Nathan and I singing along to with the children. We love Chris’ work and it’s appealing for children, babies and adults. That’s hard to find.

For a limited time, you can purchase a signed copy of the album from the Caspar Babypants website ($12.00). Or you can instantly download it on Amazon ($7.99) or iTunes ($9.99).

» Tell me… What kind of children’s music do you like to listen to?

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  • Colleen @ Hello Olive

    Thanks for sharing – I am going to check this out. At the moment I can still get away with listening to ‘my’ music in the car, although those days may be coming to an end…

  • Emily

    We don’t listen to much children’s music. My two year old gets to listen to whatever I play on the piano and mostly classic rock on the radio. She actually asks for it, so I don’t think she minds. . . yet. . . .


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