The Color White Snacks

Kaye had color weeks at school the past two weeks. They asked parents to provide snacks for the class that coordinated with the color of the day. I signed up for white and brought in bags of popcorn and marshmallows for the kids. Who can go wrong with a little sweet and salty snack?

I packaged the white snacks in white paper sandwich sacks I had leftover from Kaye’s ice cream party. I cut the paper sacs in half. Used the bottom part as is. But the top half I folded the bottom and glued it close. Then at the top of both I punched holes for strings to tie. I used Martha Stewart stamps to label the contents. Easy as that.

» Tell me… What are some white snacks you can think of? All I could come up with was popcorn and marshmallows. 

5 Responses to “The Color White Snacks”

  • Shanee

    Yogurt covered raisins. But I only thought of them cause I just used them in a snack mix for kids.

  • Annie~Savor This Moment

    String cheese or mozzarella cheese cubes are something my kids love, but they have to be refrigerated. Cauliflower pieces and ranch dip. Again, the refrigeration issue though. I think the popcorn and marshmallow combo is a great idea, and kids’ faves.

  • Melissa

    You’re high on google for “white snack”–thanks for the ideas.

    I’m bringing white snack tomorrow to preschool. I had decided on popcorn, string cheese and bananas (white when peeled).

    Dismissed pirate booty (expensive and not actually that good), but it’s also white and some kids go nuts. Coconut would be great, if I could think of something to put it on. Honey yogurt on peeled apples would be good. I’ve brought rice balls (sushi rice rolled into balls) before, but looking for something faster tomorrow. Cauliflower is a great idea, maybe lightly cooked with a little vinegar and salt?


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